What To Look For In A Luxury Family Holiday

Let’s be honest, sometimes when we hear the words ‘family holiday’ we sell ourselves a little bit short. Basically, as long as the room is clean and the hotel has a swimming pool and a buffet restaurant, then we will be ok. But a family holiday can be so much more than that, and if we look at luxury family hotels, we can find a holiday that not only suits our children and allows them to have the time of their lives, but a holiday that can also be perfect for us adults as well.

Here are a few things to look for when considering a luxury family holiday.

The Amenities

A good luxury hotel should have a range of amenities and services that suit all ages of the family. For the adults, the availability of spa facilities and treatments can be a real plus point to your holiday, a way to enjoy a pamper and some relaxation that allows you to totally unwind. For your children, look at what sort of organised activities are going on – whether this be team games in the pool, cultural crafts that help your children to get out of the sun for a few hours, even some off site excursions. As much as family time is important, this needs to be balanced out with children (particularly only children) needing to be around other kids and being able to make friends.

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The Space

For me, one of the signs of luxury is having the space to breathe. This can be in the form of having a separate sleeping area to your child which enables you all to get a good nights sleep. One way to achieve this can be in the form of an apartment in a hotel complex as opposed to a room, or it could be that you opt for a villa if you are traveling with an extended family. Your own villa with it’s own pool is a real touch of luxury.

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The Staff

If you are traveling with very young children, you may want the option to use a babysitting service or a creche for some of the evenings. Many young children have a sleep routine which you may not want to disturb, and so having the option of an evening child minding service may give adults the option to dine later, whilst knowing their children are safe.

Wherever you choose to holiday, remember that the best holidays are those where everyone has fun.

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