Spa body treatments to check out when on traveling

If you are tired of the city life or are stressed out a spa holiday, will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Many hotels now incorporate Spas as part of the travel package. The spas are packed with different types of body treatments and are a great way to ease muscle tension.

Spas are not relegated to women alone; men can be a part of them. There are various types of body treatments that you need to be aware of when visiting a spa.  If you are traveling to New Zealand then you can have a relaxing day spa in Christchurch. You can also wind down in the comfort of your comfortable room by playing cash games on your laptop.

Thai Massage

This is one the more favorite massage types for most people. The massage generally takes place on the floor. The therapist uses their elbows, feet, knees, palms, and thumbs to target specific tension areas or the whole body. It also involves body rocking, acupressure, and assisted stretching. If you want better blood circulation, have shoulder or neck pain then this is the massage for you.

Acupressure Massage.

If you are familiar with acupuncture, then you are aware that it deals with pressure points. Acupressure is similar,and the therapist applies pressure on certain parts of the body to relieve pain and de-stress. The therapist will use their fingertips,and this will enhance blood and energy flow. As the blood circulates,you will start relaxing as your aches and pains subsidize. Acupressure is recommended for those who have incurred injuries. You can find this type of spas when traveling to Brazil,but you will need to get your Brazil e visa when you click here.

Deep tissue massage

This is a favorite for athletes. While the massage can be uncomfortable because the therapist applies deep pressure on problem areas using their hands, elbows, fingertips, and forearms. To help you recover the therapist breaks down tissue hence relieving the person of inflammation and pain.


Essential oils are appliedto the skin, and this helps you relax and relieve pain. You can also inhale the vapors,and this will help in treating colds and flu. Some of the oils used include:

  • Frankincense Oils: These oilshave been used for centuries during meditation and for spiritual awakening. The oils produce a relaxing aroma that can be used to heal people suffering from depression. Frankincense is also a great antiseptic and is sometimes used to treat cuts and insect bites.
  • Chamomile oil:Most people are familiar with chamomile teas. The oils are used to treat various skin conditions like acne, inflammation, and lacerations. You can mix this chamomile with coconut oils and apply it on a baby’s bottom to reduce rashes. For those who have insomnia sniff some chamomile oil before bedtime and you should be sleeping like a baby.
  • Lavender oil: Lavender flowers have mostly been used in air fresheners due to their sweet fragrance. But, you can also use it for cuts and bruises. To help you sleep better sprinkle some droplets of this oil on your pillow.
  • Peppermint oil:You have probably had this component used for chewing gums. But, did you know that peppermint oils help you with alertness.If you feel lethargic, put a few drops of this oil in your water, and you should soon feel refreshed.
  • Eucalyptus oils: instead of visiting the pharmacy every time your child has a cold, poor use this to clear any nasal congestion.  The oil vaporizes readily so put some on a hot cup of water and let the vapors clear your nasal congestion. Avoid swallowing eucalyptus oil or applying it directly on the skin.

Abdominal Massage

The main focus for this massage is the abdomen and pelvic area. It is mostly recommended for women because it helps them in treating irregular periods, infertility, bladder problems, and other feminine issues. For men, it can help them with digestive problems.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic focuses on the mind and pressure points. It combines acupressure and essential oils to help the subject relax and relieve pain. It is recommended when you are stressed and want to detoxify your body.

Shiatsu Massage

No oil is used during this massage,and you can remain fully clothed. Its focus is energy flow in the body,and the therapist will use their thumbs, fingers, and palms. As pressure is appliedto problem areas, you will start to relax as your body heals itself. It also helps in blood circulation and frees your mind from stress.

Indian Head Massage

Just as the name suggests, themain focus is on the muscles and tissues around the neck. If you sit in your office all day,you could do with an Indian head massage. A subject will be required to sit on a massage chair,and the therapist will work on their face, scalp, shoulders,and neck. It is a great massage to relieve stress, reduce headaches and insomnia.

Hot Stone Massage

Many people may develop cold feet when it comes to this massage because hot stones are used. The stones are placed on pain areas,and then the therapist will massage the area. The stones help to break down tension in muscles and improve blood circulation. It is recommended for people suffering from anxiety and stress.

LomiLomi Massage

Here the therapist will use their hands, forearms,and elbows rhythmically as they relieve tension in the pressure zones. Oil is used on the body,and the process will help in digestive muscles, immune system,and the general mind wellness. In other areas, the Lomi lomiis also called the Hawaiian massage.  The long rhythmic strokes made by the therapist vary in speed and pressure. After the massage, you should feel relaxed and happy.


If you are traveling alone or as a couple tries out a massage. Most of the hotels nowadays have spas offering different types of body treatments. Spas are not for women only,but men can join in.  Body treatments help in relieving tension,and you should leave feeling relaxed. It is good for the mind, pains, inflammation and for improved blood circulation. The aromatherapy oils used are great for treating colds.

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