When you need a little financial Advice.


The Low Interest rates we have been experiencing over the last few years have proved to be good news for those with a mortgage, but less good news for those with traditional savings held in bank accounts. This has led to a rise in people taking a more active part in financial planning, particularly looking towards securing their future, and also a rise in people seeking professional advice on how best to use and secure their savings.

Whether it be pensions you are seeking help with, or investments you want to make, or have made and want to protect and grow, you can always seek the help you need. Personal financ­ial planning can help you find solutions you need to protect your money, and hopefully see it grow further, providing a nice nest egg for you and your family.

Advice from a reputable company like Barretts Financial Solutions can look at issues like retirement and pension planning, another very hot potato in light of a growing, ageing population, but they can also look at other areas that require financial support, having a major effect on how we live our lives as a 21st Century family. These can include health and life insurance, school and university fees and even looking carefully at your mortgage, and at any other property you might also own.

If you want to get some financial advice from someone other than your bank manager, I would suggest that you look for a company like Barretts. The simple reason for this is that you can hold a totally free, no obligation initial meeting with financial advisors to assess your situation and look for a plan of action. This will give you a chance to air your own individual needs, and hopefully start planning for a more secure future.

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