Wolves in Wolves – Touring The North Route

This summer, the city of Wolverhampton has been overtaken by Wolves, beautiful decorated wolves. The #WolvesinWolves2017, is the largest public art event ever to take place in the city with 30 wolf sculptures located in and around the city centre. The wolves have been created by a range of artists that range from High Schools and University students, to renowned artists from around the world. The wolves are on display around the city, with two trails that you can access at your leisure, or through an organised wolf walk. On Wednesday night I took my boy Joe Luca on the Northern wolf walk which lasted for two hours and took in wolves at The Molineaux, West Park, Marstons/Banks brewery and St Peter’s Square.

The organised wolf walks are a great way to see the wolves and learn a little about the design, inspiration and the artist. You get to find the out of the way wolves which may be a little harder to find if you don’t really know your way around Wolverhampton, and you can explore some of the amazing architecture and history of the city as you make your way around.

We were very lucky as the wonderful Wolverhampton Art Gallery (which houses an amazing collection of Pop Art) had agreed to stay open so we could explore their wolves gallery which contains two full sized wolves sculptures, and then a whole gallery of mini wolves, including a stunning design that had padlocks all around it’s neck.


The wolves are truly beautiful, with my personal favourite being ‘Sunset’ which is sponsored by Wolverhampton Speedway and is located on Darlington Street and is decorated with squirrels and wildlife. I also loved Flame that is located outside the offices of the Express and Star building, and Wolf Ver-Hamtpon, which is based at the Civic Centre and has been decorated with mayoral chains. Claude is the naughty wolf, he travels around the city, reappearing in different destinations.

The wolves will be auctioned after the exhibition ends on September 24th and is well worth a visit before then. For more information check out the website here.

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17 thoughts on “Wolves in Wolves – Touring The North Route

  1. This is so neat! I’d love to check out all these wolves. I love that support life one.

  2. Wow! I love this. I am a huge art fanatic, so this is right up my alley. Some of the paintings are so beautiful.

  3. Those wolf statues are pretty awesome. I’ve seen something like that with hearts before. They got really creative with all the different ways they painted them. I love it.

  4. How cool are all those wolves, I loved it when Birmingham did the owls so might have to go and hunt down some wolves in Wolverhampton this year.

  5. I would love to go to the Wolverhampton Art Gallery. These wolves all look so pretty. My Son would love it as well.

  6. Such a fun idea! Thank you so much for showing us all the beautiful wolves. Here in Sacramento we had a similar project with cows. Each was so gorgeous and unique.

  7. In the city where I live, we use to have a similar exhibit with moose. From your pictures, I think the wolfs exhibit is way cooler. Maybe because I like dogs? Lol.

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