2021: What To Watch, What to Read, What To Listen To.

2021 is proving to be as strange a year as 2020 was. But as we head into Summer, and hopefully head towards the freer times outside of lockdown, we can start to think of enjoying ourselves again, and embracing life in an easier manner. This post is dedicated to some of the key new trends in music, books, films and television, things that can be enjoyed whether you choose to start leaving your home, or if you decide you want to stay home for a little bit longer.

Internet Killed the Rockstar by Mod Sun

Music has always been a great way to escape, and the latest Mod Sun release, Internet Killed the Rockstar, which was introduced to the world to great acclaim this February, could be the soundtrack to your summer. The Rap star, who found fame on the Benjy Grinberg Rostrum label, is known for his outrageous love life, is currently in a relationship with Avril Lavigne, with whom he released the single ‘Flames’.

If you enjoy your rap, why not revisit some of the other notable Rostrum artists like Wiz Khalifa or the much missed Mac Miller, or change track completely with the brilliant KT Tunstall.

No Time To Die – The Latest James Bond Film Finally Getting A Release

This is the film that has had more release dates than any other, but it seems that come September, we will finally be able to enjoy what seems to be Daniel Craig’s last appearance as Mr Bond, ‘No Time To Die.

So what is this one all about, and will Craig’s time have an explosive ending. Well, we know that Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek has a role as the Bond Villain, and that Knives Out star Ana De Armas is the latest Bond girl. Wikipedia gives this brief outline of the plot:-

Five years after the capture of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, James Bond has left active service. He is approached by his friend and CIA officer Felix Leiter, who enlists his help in the search for Valdo Obruchev, a missing scientist. When it becomes apparent that Obruchev has been abducted, Bond must confront a villain whose schemes could see the death of millions.

Hopefully this is one film that will have been worth the wait!

Television – The Pursuit Of Love BBC

Filling the Line of Duty shaped hole in the BBC television schedule is an adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s ‘The Pursuit of Love’, which is due to start on Sunday night. This frothy, glamorous adaptation stars the lovely Lily James as the heroine Linda Radlett, Andrew Scott, aka ‘The hot priest’ from Fleabag as the flamboyant Lord Merlin, and Emily Mortimer as ‘The Bolter’.

The Pursuit of Love promises to be light relief after the frenzy of Line of Duty, and with fabulous source material, a great cast and a glamorous look, it is certainly a shoe in as television not to be missed.

Somebody’s Mother, Somebody’s Daughter By Carol Ann Lee

The book that Lynda La Plante described as the ‘Book of the Year’ in 2019 is now available as a paperback edition. ‘Somebody’s Mother, Somebody’s Daughter’ is the story of the victims, both those killed and those who survived, of the Yorkshire Ropper, and is different in that it tells you about the women and their lives, rather than dwelling on them at the point of becoming a victim.

It is a book that is hard to put down and is one I would totally recommend for anyone with an interest in True Crime, purely because of the perspective it takes on the killings.

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