5 Ways To Make Learning Fun For Your Child

Whether your child loves school and learning with a passion, or is counting down the days until they leave, it is a fact that education is something that cannot be opted out of. Sometimes children need a little help and push in order to love their learning, and as parents there are actually lots of things we can do to help this.

Here are five ways you can help and encourage a child if they are struggling with school.

Hire a Tutor

If your child is really struggling with a subject, this can make going to school a miserable experience. Hiring a tutor like can be a way of approaching a subject in a different way. A tutor can offer one to one for your child which could be helpful in cracking a topic that has so far proved difficult, that little bit of extra help can help things to click into place and could bring the smile back.

Show an Interest

Do you talk about school when your child comes home? Showing a real interest can actually make learning fun for your child, especially if you can also offer shared anecdotes and experience. Little tips and tricks you may still remember from school may delight your child, and helping with homework and projects can also help your child to complete these extra tasks in an enjoyable manner.

Stickers and treats

If you are interested in home revision style books, look for the ones that have reward charts and stickers with them. All children love to receive stickers and rewards and that is why so many teachers employ them as an aid, so this is just an extension of what your school is already doing. A sticker that shows you did well is something most children will be very proud of.

Make the Learning Come Alive

Learning doesn’t have to be confined to a classroom, so get out and about and make it come alive. Looking at minibeast in Science? Then use your local parks and nature reserves to look a little closer. Studying David Walliams in Literacy? Then why not go and see the stage dramatisation at a local theatre. Looking at a particular artist or period in history? Then look for local exhibitions and collections at your local museum or art gallery. You can bring subjects to life in a way that will make them both excitable, and, more importantly, memorable.

Use the Net

Kids are so much more computer savvy than we ever were, and this is something that can be enjoyed and utilised. Using the Net to research a project – any project – is an aspect of learning that kids will love. Give them a topic or a question, and ask them to find out what they can about it. They will develop their research skills and have fun in the process.

Do you have any tips for making learning fun?

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