Spending Some Time In Limassol

When you go on holiday to what is considered a beach resort, there is a tendency to basically plonk your backside on a sun lounger in order to chill out and relax. And whilst there is nothing wrong with this in theory, it does seem a shame to visit a different country and not to actually see anything of it. Most resorts offer day trips and tours that you can take part in, or you can get yourself a bus ticket and explore for yourself. All you need to do is grab your sunhat and your camera and go and see what is out there.

On my recent trip to Paphos we decided to take a trip to nearby Limassol. Limassol, and in particular its old quarter, is one of those places that it is worth investing in a back up camera for. Many of the buildings are protected by UNESCO due to their historic importance, and the architecture ranges from the medieval to Art Deco. It is one of those places where you need to be looking up at all times, as stunning wrought iron balconies and shuttered windows have a serious beauty that it not to be missed.

The Castle

The Medieval castle that was built around 1000AD was said to be where the marriage of Richard the Lionheart and Berengaria of Navarre took place, putting a little bit of British Royal History firmly on Cyprus Shores. The castle is now a museum of antiquity and medieval times, and entrance is fairly cheap – around 5 euros.

The castle is imposing, but is also a cool escape when the temperatures rise. The rooftop offers panoramic views across Limassol.

The harbour area and marina is a good place to relax and have a bit to eat, as it is full of lovely restaurants and bars.

For me, the beauty of Limassol is in the buildings, which are diverse and eye catching. Street art is also worth looking out for, it sort of creeps up on you as you walk around corners and can be found in unexpected places, like a street car park where I found the image of the woman and her baby. Art Deco balconies and stunning churches sit side by side in this beautiful place.

When you take a walk around Limassol, you can truly see why trip advisor ranked it as number 3 in terms of up and coming cities.

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