7 Ways Your Nails are Trying to Tell you Something

Our nails are incredible things. Not only are they geniously designed to help us pick things up, they also help to protect our fingers and toes from harm. These days, many people – women in particular – love to use their nails to show off their own unique style. Whether it’s through the colours and patterns they paint on their nails, or through the length and style they are shaped into.

What you might not be aware of is just how useful your nails are, when it comes to understanding your health and your body. Changes in the appearance and texture of your nails could mean that your body is lacking certain vitamins and minerals, or even show that you have developed an illness or infection.

The infographic below comes from Vitabiotics, the UK’s number one vitamin company. The helpful guide shows some of the common signals that your nails give you, to highlight any health issues or areas that need addressing. They also offer support on how to resolve the issues, ensuring that you and your body, especially your nails, are looking and feeling their best.


Vitabiotics Nails Infographic

10 thoughts on “7 Ways Your Nails are Trying to Tell you Something

  1. This is a really interesting and informative post and according to the infographic I may not have enough collagen in my diet or I need to stop washing the dishes! My nails will not grow past a certain length which is not very long at all, but they have been like that my entire life.

  2. This is an interesting read indeed. I’m actually planning to showcase some new colours I got for Christmas and have tried. I think linking to this post might be a good idea as it’s really informative and knew you could tell from where you got spots, but never knew this x

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