Beauty By A Nose – From Quick Fixes To More Permanent Solutions

I hate my nose! There, I’ve said it. I once had a perfectly pretty, pert button nose, but a childhood accident left my with a broken nose and two black eyes. The eyes healed, but the nose remained permanently crooked, so much so that I die if anyone takes a picture of my hooky beak from the side.  I’m not particularly vain, but when it comes to my nose, the story changes completely.


Thinking of surgery?

As I’m getting older I turn my mind more and more to the idea of surgery to change the look of my nose, but also to help deal with some of the medical problems that have also now arisen.  There are plastic surgeons that can frankly work miracles when it comes to changing the look of your face, but my problem is not just linked to vanity. I struggle with sinus issues that are caused by the bump, when I get a cold it invariably leads to congestion that is harder to clear due to my nose problems. These have deteriorated recently to the extent that even Sudafed isn’t clearing it, and I often have to sleep sitting up due to the congestion. So surgery has become an option not just due to the look of my nose, but to wider health issues too.

I am currently in consultation with my doctor about the possibility of rhinoplasty on the NHS as this is a  worsening health concern, but would consider a private consultation too. It could change the quality of my life, so this is definitely something I’m thinking about.

Jennifer Grey famously had a nose job

In the meantime?

In the meantime I’m having to make do with Sudafed nasal sprays and contouring to make my nose appear slimmer. Make up, once again, can work miracles, and I saw an article featuring Instagram star Hudda Kattan that gave tips on how you can instantly slim your nose. (You can read about it here).  Sleek has some fabulous contouring kits that you can get on Amazon for less than a tenner, and then you just need to play around with the colours until you get the right balance for your skin tone.

Sleek MakeUP Cream Contour Kit, Medium £9.80 Click to visit Amazon

What part of your body would you most like to change? Would you consider surgery, or do you make do with make up to create a smoke and mirrors cover up?

7 Ways Your Nails are Trying to Tell you Something

Our nails are incredible things. Not only are they geniously designed to help us pick things up, they also help to protect our fingers and toes from harm. These days, many people – women in particular – love to use their nails to show off their own unique style. Whether it’s through the colours and patterns they paint on their nails, or through the length and style they are shaped into.

What you might not be aware of is just how useful your nails are, when it comes to understanding your health and your body. Changes in the appearance and texture of your nails could mean that your body is lacking certain vitamins and minerals, or even show that you have developed an illness or infection.

The infographic below comes from Vitabiotics, the UK’s number one vitamin company. The helpful guide shows some of the common signals that your nails give you, to highlight any health issues or areas that need addressing. They also offer support on how to resolve the issues, ensuring that you and your body, especially your nails, are looking and feeling their best.


Vitabiotics Nails Infographic