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A Beautiful Gift Of A Watch From Nordgreen

If you are struggling to think of a gift for a loved one this Christmas, then you really can’t go wrong with a watch. Everybody wears one, they work for old and young relatives, they come in a vast amount of styles to suit any tastes, and can also suit pretty much every price point. They can be beautiful and ostentatious, or subtle and minimalist, but either way they are always practical. If you are giving one to a special person in your life, you can always opt for the option of personalisation to make it an even more memorable gift idea.

When it comes to beautiful quality watches you can’t look further than Nordgreen. Their watches come in a range of styles that incorporate both earthy leather straps, and the more glamorous link and chain effect straps. They use beautiful metals in chrome, rose gold and traditional gold tone, and also have faces and dials of different colours, so you can tailor your design to your personal preference.

My current favourite design is the Native design. This is a link style strap that comes in both three and five link styles. I opted for the three link which I think suits my smaller wrist better (I think a five link would work well for a thicker wrist). The Native can come in a range of coloured dials, but I love the simplicity of the white dial, which is clean and elegant.

The Native has a clasp style fastening which makes this difficult to lose, if it opened on your wrist you will know about it. It is easy to fasten with two clips to release, and it feels comfortable and snug fitting, but not tight. The strap is available in two sizes, so it would accommodate a larger wrist, or a man’s wrist – it does feel very unisex in its design, which reminds me of the 1980s style digital watches with the stylish strap.

Nordgreen watches come beautifully gift boxed, which makes them perfect if you are thinking of giving them as a gift. The box is so stylish I wouldn’t even wrap it, it is perfect as it is.

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