A Puzzling Review from Ravensburger

Our children are born in times when play and pastimes usually involve a computer or gaming screen of some kind. My Joe is only 6, but he can already access games and computer programmes in a way that his dad could only dream of. But sometimes it is nice to challenge the brain in ways that don’t involve a keyboard, a mouse or an ipad. Doing a  jigsaw is one way to achieve that.

Ravensburger may well be considered the champions of modern jigsaw puzzles, producing quality pieces that make up pictures of everything from Minions to Star Wars Rebels. We were sent a 100 piece Dinosaur xxl Jigsaw (suitable for ages 6+) for Joe to tackle, and have to say that he had the most enjoyable time doing it.



Jigsaws are great for quiet time, for wet days when outdoor play is impossible, for using as a calming activity, and also as a way of bonding and working together as a team. We completed the jigsaw when Joe was absent from school due to a sickness bug, and it proved to be the perfect activity, interesting, challenging and something that Joe could have a little break from when he felt tired, and then return too.


DSCN6734[1]The puzzle wasn’t easy, and Joe did require help, but it was lovely to be able to share the tips I had learnt as a child – look out for corner pieces and edges to make a frame first, the find faces, flowers and objects that will help you build up the picture. Joe really enjoyed the challenge of the small pieces, and the fact that the jigsaw came with a glossy image of the complete picture also helped too.



Of course, being the 21st Century, there is an interactive element to even jigsaw puzzles these days. When the puzzle is finished, you can scan the barcode to reach the Puzzle App which features fun and games, including a dinosaur quiz and informative facts about dino’s. Perfect for our 21st Century kids.

DSCN6739[1]You can find out more information about the puzzle here, you can find Ravensburger puzzles at all good toy shops.

*We were sent the puzzle in return for a honest review. All thoughts are our own.

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