An Afternoon Tea Like No Other At Wing Wah Birmingham

I love afternoon tea, it’s so quintessentially English isn’t it? After all, what could be more English than Earl Grey tea with scones, the absolutely mainstay of afternoon tea. If this is your idea of afternoon tea, you may be surprised to learn that the latest afternoon tea to be launched in Birmingham has a distinctly Oriental feel to it, as well as being more savoury than sweet. It is also truly delicious, a real treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Afternoon tea at the Wing Wah restaurant, based in Birmingham’s vibrant Chinatown, is a veritable feast of flavours, and a real treat for those who tend to step away from the jam and cream. It takes the form of a traditional afternoon tea only in that it is served on a three tiered stand, and comes with a choice of (Chinese) teas. You could also make it a sparkling afternoon tea with the addition of a glass of Prosecco, or a specially created Easterly Winds cocktail.

This Dim Sum afternoon tea starts with Dim Sum in the form of dumplings steamed in a bamboo basket. The Crystal King Prawn Dumplings was a favourite, and I also loved the King prawn and spinach version. All the dumplings were hot, and totally delicious, packed with filling and flavour, and their colourful appearance was just stunning. This is an afternoon tea where attention to detail is very important.

The Dim Sum is followed by the three tiered stand which resembles a bird cage and  which is packed full of beautiful looking food. The savoury theme is continued, with barbecue pork puffs, king prawns in pastry and a crispy salmon roll. But there are also sweeter options, including a delicious egg custard tart with the softest, crumbliest pastry. and the spectacular Molten Salted Egg Custard Bun, which looked exactly like a mushroom!

The food courses are completed with a rather delicious mixed seafood fried, this was so tasty I could’ve finished the bowl by myself, packed with egg and prawn and given added flavour by the addition of yuzu juice.

It would be hard to fault any aspect of this afternoon tea, but what makes it really special is that the Chinese tea is so palette cleansing, allowing you to really savour all the different flavours. We opted for Lemon and Ginger tea, and this was very refreshing with its citrus kick. We also both tried the Easterly Winds cocktail, which is just delicious, a mix of Lychee liqueur, vermouth and many other (secret) ingredients.

The afternoon tea is available until 5pm every day except Wednesdays, when Wing Wah is closed. It is a delicious treat that I would highly recommend.

Wing Wah

8 Wrottesley Street
(City Centre, China Town)
Birmingham B5 4RT
Tel : 0121 327 7879

23 thoughts on “An Afternoon Tea Like No Other At Wing Wah Birmingham

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  2. I feel like you were reading my mind. Over the weekend I was thinking of starting a tradition of afternoon tea with 75 per cent savoury dishes and only a few sweet items. This is of course due to the fact that I have stopped eating sugary foods altogether.

  3. It looks so good! Everything looks very fancy. I don’t believe we have anything like this around my neighborhood.

  4. Green tea is currently my favorite, I love the pairing of your tea. Sound an afternoon filled with memories.

  5. I never knew there were other varieties of afternoon tea until last weekend when I was looking for afternoon tea for us and saw a similar one. This looks lovely

  6. I think this place has a lot of great food and ambiance. The dim sum looks very tasteful and marvelous. I’d love to pay a visit.

  7. I recently ate dim sum and love them a lot! But because if their small portions and price wise, I rarely eat them. But once I eat them, I can’t stop.

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