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An audience with Alessandra Steinherr



Alessandra Steinherr is a beauty legend. The beauty editor at Glamour magazine, Alessandra is an instagram phenomenon, with more than 100,000 followers who literally hold onto her every word as she gives brilliant advice about beauty and skincare. Last month Alessandra Steinherr made a visit to Selfridges in Birmingham, for a Q&A with Selfridges beauty guru Rose Gallagher about all things beauty generally, and specifically about La Mer products.


Here are some of the key points from the chat.

On Instagram

“…I love Instagram, it is my fave thing. I love it when I get comments and I can share my knowledge and answer questions. I have met and interviewed so many make-up artists, stylists, dermatologists etc so I love to share my knowledge. If someone asks a question I want to answer it.”

On Tinted Moisturiser

“I suggest tinted moisturiser rather than foundation. I wear Le Mer skintint with SPF 30 and then mix a drop of Soap and Glory Hocus Pocus.”

My La Mer Story

“Well JLo used it and I was obsessed with JLo. The original cream was a cult product, but a lot of products are hyped. La Mer made an instant difference and I was hooked. The products are incredibly hi-tech. My current fave is the Soft Cream. I also love that they don’t bring out unnecessary products, they are not a 50 products a year company.”

 CREME DE LA MER Moisturizing Soft Crème 60ml £200.00 Click to visit Selfridges
CREME DE LA MER Moisturizing Soft Crème 60ml
£200.00 Click to visit Selfridges


A beauty tip

“Whatever skin type you have, you must be gentle and ensure your skincare doesn’t irritate your skin. Your skin shouldn’t feel tingly after using a product, don’t be aggressive with your skin.”

Pick the brains and raid the make up bag of…

“JLo! Her skin is literally the best skin I have ever seen in my life. She is genetically blessed, and, of course, she said she used La Mer.”

Best Products

“I try a lot of products for my job. I love Advanced Care Estee Lauder, La Mer Soft Cream and I use classic La Mer when traveling. Flying is the worst thing for the skin, so I use that staple. Also La Mer lipbalm which is just the best product in the world. One lasts me 6 months.”

 CREME DE LA MER The Lip Balm 9g £45.00 Click to visit Selfridges
The Lip Balm 9g
Click to visit Selfridges


Advice on Blackheads

“Never squeeze them out yourself. You will scar because you are so aggressive. Get them removed with a facial or use Biore strips – these are good.”

On Supplements and Vitamins

“I believe in supplements, Viviscal for the hair – marine collagen. Jennifer Aniston has just started using it. For the skin Vitamin D once per week. The important thing with vitamins and treatments is not to take the same ones all the time. Take a course, and then change for something else.”

Quick Fixes

“My hangover face cure is the sheet mask which I keep in the fridge. Keep make up minimal if you are hungover, black mascara – top lash only, tinted lipbalm and a clean, fresh blush. Keep the under-eye area as clean as possible.”

New Beauty Trends

“Face mask without water. The dry mask feels like tights. When you take it off the skin is super dewy. I think this will be huge.

I hope there is a trend towards natural make up. I like skin to look like skin. I also love originality – I don’t want everyone to look like everyone else. Like at the moment everyone has thicker brows – why? Kate Moss has thin brows and they look incredible. It’s about what suits your face.



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