An F&F Autumn fashion preview

It might seem to be a bit perverse that just as summer is finally upon us, we start to look at the next season, Autumn and Winter. But fashion is like that, Spring is the season of the Autumn/Winter press days and today I have some of the shots from the F&F Clothing collections that will appear in stores from August.

Like Spring/Summer, the big news story is the 1970s. No longer the decade that style forgot, we are now seeing all the best elements – tailored flares and culottes, silk long sleeved blouses with pussy bow ties and printed tea dresses with knee high boots. We are also seeing the shades that the 70s is quite famously known for:- brown, beige, camel. A friend once told me, many years ago, that everything was brown in the 1970s, from sofas to wedding dresses. She was being ironic, but based on these rich chocolately tones, I don’t think it is such a bad thing.

Think luxe fabrics and stylish 70s ladies, Angelica Huston, Faye Dunaway, Jerry Hall, Diane Von Furstenberg and Ali McGraw. This is all the inspiration you will need for next season.

F&F Blouse -ú16 Stole -ú25 Culotte -ú18 Boot -ú25

F&F Coat -ú39 Bag -ú45 Dress -ú20 Boot -ú30

F&F Dress -ú150 Boot -ú30

F&F Jumper -ú18 Jeans -ú18 Boot -ú25

F&F Jumpsuit -ú25 Bag -ú16 Boot -ú30

F&F Suede Coat -ú150 Blouse -ú16 Suede Culotte -ú80 Boot -ú30

What do you think of the upcoming collection – are there any pieces that take your eye, or is it a little too 70s for your tastes?

You can view the current F&F Summer collection by clicking here.


7 thoughts on “An F&F Autumn fashion preview

  1. I love the culottes and 70s styling generally (suede jackets and boots). Not so keen on flares, unless they’re high waisted and very fitted around the waist (I’m not that tall so need to be careful that I don’t look swamped in baggy trousers). I guess the make-up look will continue to be 70s for A/W 15 too, just as it has been for S/S 15. Great preview! Tx

    • Love high waisted flares, but agree they need a little bit of leg, although petite cuts might work.

  2. Oh wow, not too 70’s at all for me. I love the culottes and know I will have to just admire others in them as I am a little too short. the leather dress I am in love.

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