Angelina Jolie finds colour!

Angelina Jolie

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So Angelina Jolie has ditched her all black wardrobe and embraced colour whilst promoting her new film ‘Salt’. The fashion press seem to be positively salivating at the thought of  the normally dark and gothic actress wearing the soft pink of Amanda Wakeley, the blue Ellie Saab and the metallic shade of Pamela Roland. This is a ‘new Ange’, they shriek, someone less scary. Am I the only one who wants the old Ange back.

To me, part of the charm of Angelina Jolie is that she isn’t really a girlie girl. She’s a dark and dangerous mixture of Juliette Greco, Francoise Hardy and Theda Bara, with a touch of Suzi Quattro thrown in for good measure.  Stunningly beautiful with the perfect bee stung lips, she has always known that adding colour, frills and sparkles is basically a bit like over-icing a perfectly beautiful cake.

Her perfect figure and own bravado meant that leather dresses on the red carpet were a must. The black dress she wore when collecting her best supporting actress Oscar for Girl Interrupted had the ghosts Carolyn Jones and Yvonne De Carlo (Morticia Adams and Mrs Munster) nodding in approval.

Angelina is a stylish dominatrix, a stunning vampire like figure who once carried a vial of blood around her neck. In black she looks strong, supreme and stylish. In her halter neck black leather dress for the Mr and Mrs Smith premiere, no-one could be surprised that poor Jennifer Aniston had lost Brad Pitt to Angelina. It was a dark goddess verses Marsha Brady. Absolutely no contest – team Jolie all the way.

But now we have the new improved Angelina. In her soft pink Amanda Wakeley gown with her new sweeping fringe, she still looks beautiful. But she also looks safe, a sanitised version of the dangerous beauty. She’s been prettified, neutralised and ‘doesn’t it make a nice change?’

Well frankly no. We have enough ‘pretty’ girls in pastel colours, the Paris‘s, Jessica’s, Kiera’s and god forbid Kelly Brook‘s. But we only have one Angelina. She’s unique and beautiful and talented, and doesn’t need a Barbie coloured frock to improve that!

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