Arthur Price And The Minions – A Match Made In Heaven

If you, or your little ones, are fans of those pesky yellow Minions, then you are going to love the latest launch from Arthur Price. The luxury cutlery, silverware and gift brand has created some gorgeous products to tie in with the launch of Despicable Me 3, and these would be perfect as a gift for a new baby, a Christening or a special birthday, or even just a treat for your favourite Minion fan. As ever with Arthur Price, the items are of the most beautiful Quality, and will be something that should be treasured forever.

Arthur Price is a Midlands based family business that was established in 1902 and can be found in most department stores. The Despicable Me collection shows that Arthur Price is a company that is able to move with the times and address modern trends, and also appeal to a younger audience. The Despicable Me collection is made up of two cutlery sets, the ‘Sea of Minions’ and ‘Expressions’, as well as a beautiful bone china dining set made up of a mug, a bowl and a plate.

The cutlery is of the highest standard, made of 18/10 stainless steel and presented in a lovely box which makes it perfect as a gift option. It comes with a 15 year guarantee, and each item of cutlery has a minion decoration on the handle. If you are trying to teach your child how to use a knife and fork properly, these pieces could be the perfect encouragement. The sets cost £24.95 each.

The ‘Sea of Minions’ bone china breakfast pieces are bright and vibrant, and can be purchased as individual pieces as well as being available in a two or three piece breakfast set. Prices start from £8.95 for the mug, and go up to £24.95 for the three piece set. I love the idea that you can buy the pieces separately, the cup may be a little small for an older child who could still love and use the plate and bowl. My boy, who is a major Minions fan as totally fallen in love with this set which certainly brightens up breakfast time.

You can find the Arthur Price Despicable Me range by visiting their website here.

23 thoughts on “Arthur Price And The Minions – A Match Made In Heaven

  1. Oh, my goodness, this cutlery is so adorable! We are big fans of the Minions in my house and are really looking forward to Despicable Me 3. I think my daughter would probably love the cutlery and it looks well made for little ones.

  2. Not going to lie, but I have a gf who LOVES minions. Yes, she is in her twenties haha. I can see her absolutely loving this gift, she is always buying towels, picture frames etc with minions on them.

  3. I am 35, and I want this. Now. For myself. In fact, I will get it and take it to the office with me and use it there. Can’t wait for the weird looks. =D

  4. These are some awesome Minion sets. I have been in love with the Minions since they first came out. It would be awesome to have a couple of these sets. Thanks for sharing the information.

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