Bathtime Luxury from 2 Moon Trading Co.

2 Moon Trading Co. are a Midlands based beauty company (Walsall to be exact), who are offering a range of beautiful, handmade pampering products at really affordable prices. The company has recently launched its new website and I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of sample products to try and test. It is safe to say that I have fallen in love with the brand and its ethos.

The 2 Moon story is a really inspiring one. Founder Georga Duncan-Price had always loved handmade bath and beauty products, but found them to be too expensive. So in January 2013, 2 Moon Tracing Co. was born, offering luxurious, handmade products at prices that everyone can afford. From bath bars and Dead Sea Salts, to cleansing bars and handmade soaps, there are beautifully fragranced products for all tastes.


I was sent to products to review, and decided to use my little boy Joe as a tester too, to show that the products are also child friendly and work well on sensitive skin. The first product we used was the exquisite Sicilian Lemon and Calendula bath bomb. This looks fabulous, as you can see the pieces of dried lemon and Calendula leaves running through the bomb, and instantly get the Mediterranean scent of fresh lemon groves. It is packaged in clear plastic, which I like, as it means you can see how pretty the product looks from the instant you open the box it arrives in.


The bomb was very easy to add to water, I just crumbled it under the tap, and the water didn’t need it to be really hot either – it was one of those warm days when a lukewarm bath was needed. The scent rose up from the water, smelling fresh, but not heady or overpowering. The bath was filled with petals from the Calendula, which gives a decadent touch, a little bit like Mena Survari in American Beauty, albeit not quite on that scale!


I saved a little of the bomb for Joe’s bath, and can honestly say that I was shocked at just how soft his skin felt. Joe has suffered from dry skin since he was just a baby, but this left it feeling soft and supple, and it also smelled gorgeous of course!

The Handmade Soap
I must admit that I am a real fan of artisan soaps, I tend to buy a lot when I visit Corris Craft in Wales, and also got some amazing ones from my recent holiday to Menorca (including one in the shape of a watermelon, which smells like…I won’t insult your intelligence by saying it…). So I was excited by the idea of having a company making handmade soaps virtually on my doorstep.

The fragrance I was sent may well be my soap of choice from now on. The citrus grove handmade soap is totally divine, an orange scented bar that has more than a touch of Neroli about it. It lathers really nicely, but not overly bubbly like supermarkets brands are, and the scent lingers on the skin even when it is washed away.


With prices starting at just £2.50, 2 Moon Trading is well worth a look if you love handmade luxurious products without the expensive price tag. There is also a free delivery service if you live in the Walsall area. To visit the 2 Moon website, find out more about the brand, and take a look at some of the other products in the range, click here.

*With thanks to East Village, who sent the products for review purposes.


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  1. I’ve not heard of this company but I think bath bombs are great. I don’t think you need to dissolve the whole bomb as I think you could cut it into pieces and the scent would still be just as strong. Just an idea. I’ll shall look out for 2 Moon Trading

  2. Oh wow these products look really lovely – hadn’t heard of 2 moon trading before but going to check them out now – thanks so much for sharing

    Laura x

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