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Do you remember the days when a push along scooter was a child’s toy? A very simple machine, with handlebars and a platform, no brakes, simply push along with one foot, and once it picked up a little speed, put the other foot onto the platform. It wouldn’t take you very far, but it was still fairly fun and enjoyable.

But technology in every area moves on, and scooters are certainly having a moment, whether it be the traditional variety, albeit with a millennium twist, or the newest range of electric scooters. Cool, shiny looking models are highly coveted as Christmas presents this year, as not only can they get you from A to B pretty sharpish, they can also help you to keep fit and active, all the more important at a time when we have spent so much of it inside. And, the great thing these days is that scooters are no longer the sole preserve of children, scooters are most definitely an adult thing too.

Micro Scooters are the place to look for the best scooter for adults. They have a varied range that is suitable for young children, right the way up to adult sizes, and their scooters come in a range of colours, styles and designs. They are a company that is fully committed to getting us on our scooters, and rethinking how we travel around in our day to day lives. They say:-


We think riders of all ages should be able to
move their own way. And we think moving
without limit starts by thinking without limit.
Asking questions. Imagining possibilities.
Transforming the everyday. It’s where our Micro
journey began. It’s what drives us forward.
It’s the reason we will never stand still.

I have recently chose a scooter from Micro Scooters, an adult design for my 13 year old, who is tall and can no longer fit on his previous scooter without having to stoop down as he rides.  I don’t think he is quite ready for an electric scooter with a seat yet, although that will be the next step, so a larger design was the way forward, if you pardon the pun. The Flex Deluxe is one of the most popular models that Micro Scooters sell, and it is brilliant. The first things I would say it is that it is foldable, which means you could ride this to work or school and it would be easy to store it safely. It is very easy to fold down once you have used it, and then to get it ready to use again. It also has an adjustable handlebar if you are buying this for a still growing teen, and it has a kickstand if you need to leave it standing – maybe when grabbing a drink at the park, or stopping to talk to someone.

What else can we say about this model? The Flex Deluxe has a premium fibreglass deck that flexes to absorb bumps.The large wheels help you whether you are riding on a concrete path, or on grass in the park and help you to easily pick up pace. It is actually really comfortable to ride on, and the two year warranty gives you extra piece of mind just in case.

Scooters are eco friendly as they are powered by people, not by anything that is conspiring to harm our planet further, and they are sustainable, as Micro Scooters are a carbon neutral scooter retailer, the scooters have parts that can be replaced, and many parts have been made using recycled materials, making them planet friendly in more ways than one.

Micro Scooters are definitely the place to look for the best scooter for adults, and also for kids too.

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