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Billy Smart’s Circus – a great family night out

Last night I enjoyed a wonderful night out at Billy Smart’s Circus, which is currently enjoying a week long stay in Wolverhampton’s West Park. I can honestly say that this is a night out I would highly recommend for families, with enough thrills, spills and comedy to entertain every age group.

The huge Big Top tent was an exciting welcoming sight for my five year old Joe, but we had also taken Joe’s cousin Thomas, who is eleven. Thomas was just as excited to be at the venue which didn’t disappoint – it was just how you would expect a circus to look, give or take a red stripe or two. There are actually two tents, as one is a refreshment tent selling Popcorn, Candy Floss and food. Prices are reasonable for a visiting attraction – Candy Floss was £2 and Popcorn was £3 for a large sharing tub. Of course, the boys wanted one of each, but queues are short and service is friendly.



Once inside the Circus tent I was pleasantly surprised by just how warm it was, and by the fact that it seems impossible to have a bad view. The show was introduced by a short film that gave a real taster of the history and tradition of Billy Smart’s Circus, and also introduced the ringmaster, Yasmine Smart, who, in turn, introduced her fabulous troupe who were there to astound and entertain.

The Impressive Big Top
The Impressive Big Top

And so to the acts. Modern Circus has moved away from the animals and clowning around, and so, although there is a clown in the act, the very funny Jonny Bogino, his role is to tie the performances together – no squirty water, plastic nose or silly shoes. Still, Joe absolutely loved him and his brand of clowning. Without clowns and animals, we are left with seriously impressive acrobats, aerial displays and trapeze artists, with Billy Smart putting together an impressive team of these who rise to any challenge.


Special mention must be given to a few of my favourite acts from the night. The Australian flying  trapeze act ‘The Flying Aces’ were wonderful – full of energy, attempting some very ambitious jumps and catches, and also the amusing ‘Team Fonz’ who delighted with a ‘Happy Days’ routine on the trampoline. The X-treme brothers looked great, and performed their balances with style and grace, whilst Alina, the cube aerialist, actually had me gasping as she spun attached to the metal cube by her neck – an unbelievable performance.



Billy Smart’s Circus will please all comers, and is in Wolverhampton until Sunday 6th April, when it will move on to Haydock Park.


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Click here to visit the Billy Smart’s Circus for ticket information.

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