Book Review – I want to be a witch by Ian Cunliffe

If you are looking to set the mood with your little one for Halloween, then ‘I want to be a Witch’ by Ian Cunliffe (Little Tiger Press £6.99 – aged 3-6 years) is a gorgeous picture book that does just that. Filled with beautiful illustrations, and a lovely story with a little twist ending, ‘I want to be a Witch’ is a story that will enchant both little girls and little boys.


The story is simple and charming. A little girl decides to be a witch, but doesn’t want to live by the usual witchy rules. She doesn’t want to turn her brother into a frog, or have a warty nose, or green hair, or any of the normal witch characteristics. All this is illustrated with beautiful, colourful illustrations that have lots of lovely (and funny) details.

DSCN9487At first glance I thought this book was slightly girly for Joe, and wasn’t sure he would enjoy it, being very much into football, Star Wars and Pirates at the moment. But I was completely wrong on this score. He absolutely loved the story, laughing at the pictures of the evil, ugly witches, discussing the things the girl didn’t want to do/be like when she was a witch. Another fabulous aspect of this book for Joe, as an emergent reader, was that he could read quite a lot the text, and could use the pictures to help him predict more tricky words. This made reading this book a lovely experience, as he could read it to me!



I cannot recommend this book enough. It is a lovely, original story, and perfectly themed for this time of year. I think it would be a great book for teacher’s to use as a classroom text in Reception and Year 1, especially as you could use it to describe a stereotypical witch, and how the little girl’s version of a witch differs.

*I was sent a copy of I want to be a Witch for review. Joe absolutely loved it!

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