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Brantano’s Walk to school for charity campaign

My son has returned to school today, after a very long, but amazingly fun. school holiday. So it seems only fitting that one of today’s posts should be linked to going back to school in some way, and Brantano’s partnership with road safety charity Brake, is definitely something worth shouting about.

Joe starting a new school year this morning.
Joe starting a new school year this morning.

Brantano, famed for their high quality, low cost shoes, have been doing some research into how children get to and from school. Their research has shown that only a third of children and parents regularly walk to and from school every week. One of the reasons given for this was that was that many parents feel the route between their home and school is unsafe because of traffic and parked cars.

Brantano is aiming to encourage the school run to be an exercise in walking rather than in driving in a bid to not only help reduce congestion and traffic dangers on the roads around schools but also to help promote a healthy lifestyle and safe walking in correctly fitted shoes.  So the brand has teamed up with Brake to start a pledge campaign.


Getting involved is simple

  1. To take part simply head to a Brantano store to take advantage of the free expert fitting service and pick up a pledge card.
  2. Share a photo holding your pledge card on Brantano’s Facebook or Twitter pages.
  3. For every pledge Brantano receives it will donate 10p to Brake to help fund the lifesaving work it does in campaigning to prevent road deaths and injuries, and supporting people bereaved by traffic collisions.

It’s a great idea, but make sure your children (and you, for that matter) are wearing the right sized shoes or it will be uncomfortable. Louise Williams, fitting expert at Brantano said: “Our research found that 82% of parents were unaware of all the dangers of ill-fitting shoes. It’s hugely important for children to protect their feet by wearing correctly fitted shoes. Shoes that are too big or too tight can cause a number of issues from short term redness, soreness and blisters to longer term conditions such as foot deformities and back and knee pain that can directly affect their walking for the rest of their lives. At Brantano, we are already committed to providing a service that looks after children’s foot health, we are keen to promote and encourage the health and environmental benefits of walking to school. The collaboration with Brake allows us to not only raise awareness of the importance of correctly fitting shoes for children’s foot health but also to reinforce messages about the dangers of roads and the importance of safe road use to both children and parents.”

This term, when children are just starting school, going into a new class, or just trying out a new daily routine, is the perfect time to start walking to school.

You can find out more about the shoe fitting service at


  • Pledge cards will be available in Brantano stores nationwide. Pictures of children with their pledge cards should be uploaded to Brantano’s Facebook or Twitter pages using the hashtag #WalkToSchool. Alternatively pictures can be emailed to All valid entries will be entered into a prize draw for one person to win free school shoes for a year.
  • By submitting photo’s to you are giving permission for the photo to be uploaded to Facebook.  To opt out of photo’s being added to Facebook please include ‘Facebook Opt Out’ in your email.  Donation to charity and entry to prize draw will still be made.


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