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Can you pair your food with the right wine?

Whether you be preparing a special meal or dinner party for friends, or dining in a fancy restaurant, the chances are that good that wine will be part of the experience. But when it comes to pairing wine with your meal – how do you do? Do you simply chose a wine that you enjoy, not worrying whether it is of the red or white variety so long as it’s one you like? Do you just opt for a house variety to keep the price lower? Or do you genuinely try to match your meal – whether it be chicken, red meat or a vegetarian option to a wine that will truly compliment what you are eating?

If. like me, you have no real knowledge when it comes to choosing wine, then the latest infographic from Roberson Wine could come in very useful. (You can see it in more detail here.)They have put together a guide to pairing food with wine, which not only says which colour wine works, but also suggests a type of wine – i.e. steak and beef are best paired with a full-bodied red like a mature Bordeaux or a rich Rioja, whilst Spicy Asian food works well with a crisp white like a Riesling that is, of course, best served chilled in a wine fridge.


The guide also suggests where it is best to spend the most money on a wine, with salad working well with a lower priced refreshing white wine. If you are splashing the cash, do it when the food is also a luxury item – Champagne and Lobster are a real match made in heaven, perfect for a special occasion or celebration. You can learn more here on how to order fresh lobster that is perfect for your wine.

When it comes to wine, do you have a favourite pairing with a certain meal? Would you consider yourself an expert or a novice when it comes to choosing a tipple? What is your favourite wine/meal combination? Would love you to leave a comment below with any hints and tips you may have picked up.

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