Why should you go to a baby show?

You’ve just had the happy news that you will soon be hearing the pattering of tiny feet. You’re over the moon of course, but then you face the realisation that there is so much to prepare before you get to meet your little one. Everything from a cot and a pushchair, to a little wardrobe of baby clothes, to all the other things in between, it all needs to be relatively sorted before you baby comes along. Which is why a visit or two to some baby shows are such a good idea.

Baby Shows are Fun

You can have a great day out at a Baby Show. In general, they are enormous events so you can make a day of it – have a bite to eat, watch the demonstrations and browse the stalls, maybe ticking a few items off your ‘to buy’ list as you go.

Grab a bargain

There are many stores at baby shows that have a good range of products. Pushchairs, cots and bulk buys of baby toiletries can all be purchased at prices that are far cheaper than the normal recommended retail price. In addition, you may get to try/view products that are new to you, and there may also be samples/goody bags that also have free products in them.

Meet the Experts

Most Baby shows have experts who can answer your questions and queries. These can be related to feeding or sleeping, or can also be of a more technical nature – maybe you’ve not decided what sort of travel system you want, or have questions about choosing your baby monitor. Baby Shows are a great way to get your questions answered.

Find everything you need in one place

If you have a hatred of shopping, but don’t really enjoy getting things online either, then a Baby Show could be a great way to find everything you need in one place. You can place orders for the ‘big things’ like cots, highchairs and prams, which can then be delivered to your door, but you have also had the chance to look and test drive these things first – something you can’t do if you just shop online.

Did you go to a baby show when you were expecting?


How the Nutrisystem Program Can Help You Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Are you carrying around extra weight after childbirth and want to find a way to get rid of it? Do you wish that you could find a system that will work well for you without you having to spend a bunch of time in the kitchen making complicated meals and counting all of the calories that you eat each day? If so, you should check out the Nutrisystem weight loss program and discover the amazing results that countless women already have.

One of the many reasons that this program works so well is that it comes with prepackaged meals already planned out for you. After having a baby, you certainly don’t have the time to make a bunch of separate meals for yourself while also feeding the rest of your family. With Nutrisystem, the meals are made for you. Imagine the freedom of not having to go through your kitchen to gather up the ingredients and prepare something different for yourself at each meal!

Nutrisystem has been around for a long time, which has given the company a solid reputation in the world of weight loss. You can see with a quick search on the internet that many women who were in the same boat as you have been able to achieve weight loss success thanks to these prepackaged meals.

In fact, their reputation has continued to grow stronger over the years as folks have gained success and the company has incorporated the latest knowledge in the world of weight loss to the foods and support being offered. You can join countless others who have benefited from the research that goes into the meals and snacks offered by the well reputed business.

When taking care of small children, it can be a challenge to keep up with your own health needs. In addition to the meals that you have to eat each day, you need delicious and nutritious snacks that will help you to get through the day. After all, you are a busy new mom who needs to have vital nutrition to feed your body at the cellular level. These foods are designed to do just that.

In fact, that is one of the reasons that so many women have benefited from the program. Your nutritional needs are complicated and can be difficult to understand. From the amount of calories that your body needs each day to having the proper vitamins and minerals, it can be overwhelming to make sure that you have the right balance of foods in your diet.

With Nutrisystem, all of that thinking has been done for you. The only thing that you have to do is follow the program. If you do, you will have the correct balance of proteins, carbs and fat to keep yourself in great shape while still losing weight. This frees up your time so that you can focus on the important things in your life, such as your new baby and the rest of your family.

The program also offers support so that you know you are not alone. Many women find that trying to lose weight after childbirth is difficult, in part due to lack of support. However, you need not worry about that with this program. You will get the professional support from folks who have been exactly where you are and been able to break free of the addictive eating cycle.

Even if you never had weight problems before pregnancy, you might experience them during and afterwards due to the natural cravings that accompany this special time in your life. Once the baby is born however, you no longer need to have that extra food in your diet. It can be rough to transition back to a healthier eating lifestyle. Nutrisystem can help you get there without starving yourself or eating a bunch of strange meals each day.

Once you have looked into the program, you will understand why it is one of the most popular ways to lose weight on the market today. You will have a great time losing weight and getting your body back into shape so that you can enjoy life again!

Tips on How to Get Back into Shape After Birth


During pregnancy, you can crave all kinds of foods, sometimes in odd combinations. There are other changes too, all because of a significant surge in hormones.

Women can feel pressured to snap back into shape as soon after birth as possible. We see pictures of post-partum celebrities who within days of giving birth seem to have lost every ounce of ‘baby weight’ they gained.

Articles on celebrity diets and tips on post-pregnancy weight loss litter the pages of women’s magazines.

But, with these tips from HARTMANN Direct you can assign the magazine to the recycling paper bin because ‘secrets’ are revealed…

Start when you are pregnant

It is perfectly natural to gain weight during pregnancy. And we all do it differently. Some women seem to blossom and balloon, whilst other pregnant ladies maintain their lithe shape and enjoy a pert bump.

Some of us gain weight right at the start, others gain it in the final trimester… we could go on but the point is this, just as you probably wouldn’t eat a family sized chocolate cake for breakfast when you are not pregnant, throwing caution to the wind and eating what you want when pregnant is not a wise choice.

Maintain the healthy lifestyle you followed pre-pregnancy but enjoy the odd treat or two.

A helping hand from nature

Once the baby is born, you can drop between 11 and 13lbs of weight instantly. Breastfeeding also helps with the calorie control as feeding your baby uses up over 800 calories a day.

Rest and recuperation is essential but once you have the all clear from the midwife, get back to walking or your gym routine, or whatever exercise you did pre-pregnancy – and start gently.

Rest and sleep

Babies don’t have a set sleep pattern, although others may boast that their little one is sleeping through the night. The point is, their sleep cycle changes and as mum, when baby sleeps, you need to be resting or sleeping too.

Odd sleep patterns cause chaos with the metabolism, making shifting baby weight a little tough. Rest and sleep when you can.

Nature’s weight loss remedies

Nature, as you would expect, has many helping hands when it comes to helping your body recuperate post-birth. Many of these remedies, however, are not suitable during pregnancy but once baby is here, why not try;

  • A dash of lime or lemon juice in water, sweetened with honey a couple of times a day can help to lose weight, especially if you have water retention
  • Green tea has excellent weight loss properties
  • Munch of negative calorie snacks such as celery, tomatoes and cucumbers

If you are breastfeeding, remember what you eat passes on to baby so don’t go overboard otherwise you will be battling colic!

Join other mums

Having a baby is an exciting, thrilling time but when reality sets in, you need the support and encouragement, as well as company of other mums. Getting out and about, being part of a group is excellent for focusing on other things other than your weight.

Calorie counting is the answer

You can sup as much green tea as you like but, if your calorie intake is way ahead of your calorie expenditure, shifting the extra lbs you have gained is not going to happen.

Calorie counting is boring, no doubt about it but, with all kinds of calorie counting and fitness apps available, it can be slightly more fun and easier to manage.

Changing attitude to food

You’ve enjoyed pregnancy and your little bundle of joy is here – and you need to get back into a healthy eating routine – and this not only means the food and drink you consume, but when you consume it.

During pregnancy, attitude to food does change. In late pregnancy, portion sizes would have been smaller because you felt ‘full’ and cumbersome with a full-term baby. Now that you can eat normally again, portion sizes increase. It is amazing how many not-so-good habits stay with us.

Eat well at breakfast, get back to eating fish three times a week and opt for lean cuts of meat again. Space your meals over the day so that your calorie intake is evenly spread.

In summary

Your post-pregnancy body can feel very different, certainly for the first few weeks or even months after giving birth. You need to give it chance to heal but you also need to be mindful of making changes that will help you get back into shape both physically and mentally so that you can look forward to the challenges of parenthood.


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