What to Do in Orlando with Kids

This one is almost a no brainer, the whole reason you come to Orlando is to take the kids somewhere right? Or is it because secretly you’ve always wanted a reason to go on the rides but don’t want to admit it, its fine we’ve all been there.

There are so many more pleasures to be had in and around Orlando than simply the theme parks, but they are a necessity.

A day trip to Cape Canaveral could be first on the agenda, this is ground zero for NASA, the Kennedy space centre calls this place its landing pad. The centre is filled to the brim with shuttles and artefacts from missions into the great unknown, satellites that are out of commission and the astronaut training experience. On the website for the Kennedy space centre there is a ticker, if you time your trip just right you can watch one of these great flying machines jettisoning into space, tell me a child that won’t remember that for the rest of their lives? 

Save yourself money and convince yourself that the more you do before getting to the theme parks the greater the appreciation will be once you arrive. Keeping this in mind another trip ahead, that is closer to central Orlando and still just as exciting, is to the statewide maybe even globally famous Gatorworld. A wander around the grounds will give you the opportunity to have your photo taken with a big one (Safely), hold a little one and feed one off the walk over bridge.

Now that you have seen more than just the theme parks it’s time to dive into the thematic atmosphere. When it comes to these theme parks a lot of them have package deals where you can stay in a hotel that offers you coach trips to and from the front door every day, great if you are wanting to sit back and let them do the driving however Orlando is a huge place and mostly only accessible via car so at least compare the prices first on enjoycarhire.com  to make sure you get the best option for your family holiday. 

With Star Wars being such a huge part of every child’s life then you will want to start with Galaxy’s Edge, situated inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios, here you can touch the millennium falcon, hug a Wookie and engage in a lightsaber duel with a storm trooper. Most other Disney theme parks are part of this establishment.

It’s not all Disney though as Universal Orlando Resort holds another child favourite, home to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, if you don’t take your muggle legs here then your wizard children may expelliarmus you all the way home.

7 Airport survival tips for Heathrow flyers

With the warmer months approaching, you’ve probably started planning a family getaway, which means super exciting times are coming! However, before you arrive in your dream destination, you’ll have to overcome various obstacles at the airport. And when you’re flying from Heathrow – the UK’s busiest airport, those challenges will be multiplied.

To help you on your way, here are seven airport survival tips. 


  • Arrive early


Why on earth would you want to spend more time at the airport than necessary? You wouldn’t really, but when it comes to airports, it’s better to be safe than sorry, otherwise you could end up missing your flight. So rather than following the two hour rule, arrive a little earlier and enjoy a more relaxed trip through Heathrow. 


  • Join Heathrow Rewards


Joining the Heathrow Rewards scheme allows you to earn points on pretty much everything you buy at the airport from food to shopping to currency. And you can use your points to pay for future travel expenses such as parking and flights. So if you’d like to be rewarded for your custom at Heathrow, head to the official website to sign up.  


  • Book fast-track security


Can you think of a worse part of the airport than the security checkpoint? From the massive queues to the invasive and ever-changing checks, it’s a real pain. However, you can speed things up a little by booking fast-track security and enjoy more time to explore the airport shops and restaurants before your flight. 


  • Install the Heathrow Airport app


Not many airports can boast having their own app – Heathrow can. So if you’re looking for a little bit of assistance with getting through the airport, installing the Heathrow Airport app is a must. You can use this clever little app to pre-order food and drink, and reserve goods from the airport shops – it even provides live flight updates. 


  • Dress in layers 


You can never be sure what the temperature’s going to be like at the airport or on your flight. It’s therefore a good idea to wear thin layers, so you can easily adjust your outfit to suit the varying climates you might encounter. 


  • Book airport parking early 


Airport stress often kicks in before you’ve even left the house. Booking your airport parking in advance is one way to minimise this stress because it gives you one less thing to worry about and saves you looking around for a spot when you arrive. One of the best places to find Heathrow Airport parking deals is comparison site SkyParkSecure.com. 


  • Keep an eye on the time 


With so much going on around you and a family to look after, it’s easy to lose track of time in the airport. So remember to keep an eye on the time and set an alarm to remind you to head to your gate. It’s also worth locating your gate in advance so you know exactly where to go. 

Follow these seven tip-top tips and you and your family will pass through the airport with ease, next time you fly from Heathrow. 

That’s our list! Share you own airport survival tips in the comments section.

The Art of Trolling Lures

Unlike other species of fish, the tuna does not swim away from boats. Most likely, the presence of a boat attracts the tuna in the first place. So, when buying tuna lures for sale to catch fish, remember to set them within the wake near your boat. Set the lines in a staggered pattern to minimise the chances of tangles. 

Also, do not run the tuna lures past the whitewash as the fish will look for something to eat in your wake as they come up to your boat, and you will miss catching them. 

Types of Lures

Lures that are used to catch tuna are available in a variety of colours. But, you can categorise them into skirted lures, bibless minnows, and hard-bodied bibbed minnows. Each of them has a different action, appearance, and a technique for trolling. 

These lures are typically shallow running types that are designed to run straight beneath the surface and occasionally break the surface. The range begins with resin headed or small metal lures that are fitted with tinsel, vinyl, or feather skirts of about 150mm to 300mm in length. 

The majority of skirted lures work efficiently at about 8 knots, ranging from 5 to 25 meters back. It also depends on the size of the fishing boat and the number of rigs for trolling. If the weather is windier and rougher, this will cause you to use less number of rigs to reduce the risk of tangling. 

Another technique of lure trolling is by using the lures as a jig. As soon as you hook a tuna, you can increase your catch by throwing over a metal jig or letting other tuna lures to a depth of about 1 to 20 meters. 

You may trigger a fish to attack because most likely, your boat is already above a school of fish. You will want to create a disturbance by running a bigger lure with your smaller lures to entice the fish in the water. 

Buy tuna lures for sale and use the larger ones to create a bubble trail, which is referred to as a smoke trail. This process emphasizes the appearance of the lures to those bigger fish that are typically feeding deeper. As long as your lures stay in the water, you can run them as fast as possible since tuna can swim more than 25 knots.  

Colour and Size Combination

In general, you will catch a bigger fish if you use a bigger lure. There are some successful combinations when it comes to catching tuna. For example, lures that are 6″ in length in any red/white, blue/silver, and green/yellow combination are ideal for smaller tuna such as Striped and Albacore. On the other hand, 8-10″ lures are usually used for catching Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Albacore Tuna. You can easily catch White Bluefin tuna if you use purple, brown, and pink lure combinations. If you are intent on catching larger Striped Marlin or Yellowfin Tuna, then use darker colour combinations of lures in purple, black, or blue, although these fish tend to run after pink lures as well. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to catching fish. If you are not successful with the tuna lures that you bought, you can always change their speed, colour, and position until you get the right balance. Or you could head over to a shop and see if they have any good tuna lures for sale.   

Author: Alice Johnson