The Art of Trolling Lures

Unlike other species of fish, the tuna does not swim away from boats. Most likely, the presence of a boat attracts the tuna in the first place. So, when buying tuna lures for sale to catch fish, remember to set them within the wake near your boat. Set the lines in a staggered pattern to minimise the chances of tangles. 

Also, do not run the tuna lures past the whitewash as the fish will look for something to eat in your wake as they come up to your boat, and you will miss catching them. 

Types of Lures

Lures that are used to catch tuna are available in a variety of colours. But, you can categorise them into skirted lures, bibless minnows, and hard-bodied bibbed minnows. Each of them has a different action, appearance, and a technique for trolling. 

These lures are typically shallow running types that are designed to run straight beneath the surface and occasionally break the surface. The range begins with resin headed or small metal lures that are fitted with tinsel, vinyl, or feather skirts of about 150mm to 300mm in length. 

The majority of skirted lures work efficiently at about 8 knots, ranging from 5 to 25 meters back. It also depends on the size of the fishing boat and the number of rigs for trolling. If the weather is windier and rougher, this will cause you to use less number of rigs to reduce the risk of tangling. 

Another technique of lure trolling is by using the lures as a jig. As soon as you hook a tuna, you can increase your catch by throwing over a metal jig or letting other tuna lures to a depth of about 1 to 20 meters. 

You may trigger a fish to attack because most likely, your boat is already above a school of fish. You will want to create a disturbance by running a bigger lure with your smaller lures to entice the fish in the water. 

Buy tuna lures for sale and use the larger ones to create a bubble trail, which is referred to as a smoke trail. This process emphasizes the appearance of the lures to those bigger fish that are typically feeding deeper. As long as your lures stay in the water, you can run them as fast as possible since tuna can swim more than 25 knots.  

Colour and Size Combination

In general, you will catch a bigger fish if you use a bigger lure. There are some successful combinations when it comes to catching tuna. For example, lures that are 6″ in length in any red/white, blue/silver, and green/yellow combination are ideal for smaller tuna such as Striped and Albacore. On the other hand, 8-10″ lures are usually used for catching Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Albacore Tuna. You can easily catch White Bluefin tuna if you use purple, brown, and pink lure combinations. If you are intent on catching larger Striped Marlin or Yellowfin Tuna, then use darker colour combinations of lures in purple, black, or blue, although these fish tend to run after pink lures as well. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to catching fish. If you are not successful with the tuna lures that you bought, you can always change their speed, colour, and position until you get the right balance. Or you could head over to a shop and see if they have any good tuna lures for sale.   

Author: Alice Johnson

Visit London this Spring

It’s our capital city, and no-one would argue that it is also one of the most magnificent cities in the world. Of course I’m talking about London. Spring is a fabulous time to visit, the parks are in full bloom and everything looks better with a bit of sunshine. I have put together a short guide of places to visit this Spring if you are heading for a day out, a quick City break, or a longer trip. Don’t forget to look into getting a London Pass which could help you save money on a range of unmissable attractions, including historic buildings, sporting venues and beautiful gardens.


Harrods is a must visit at any time of year.  As well as being an absolute icon of shopping and retail history, it is also a wonderfully stunning store, with incredible architecture that you can enjoy even without making a purchase and getting one of those little green bags.


A River Thames Cruise

A river Thames cruise is just the best way to see the great city of London. They operate a hop on/hop off ticket so you can choose the parts of London to see in more detail, and you can also get more glamorous packages which include a gourmet meal or a dinner dance. There truly is no better way to enjoy the city, and all its incredible bridges, including the iconic Tower Bridge.


Wembley Stadium

For lovers of football, a trip to Wembley Stadium is a must do. The stadium runs tours regularly and there is also a pretty brilliant stadium megastore where serious football fans can make a huge dent in their spending money. Make sure you get lots of photographs of that famous Arch.

Carnaby Street

It’s no longer the centre of cool London like it was in the 1960s, but Carnaby Street and the surrounding area is still a great place to find independent boutiques, vintage shops, and branches of more unusual High Street stores – Monki and Irregular Choice amongst my faves. Carnaby Street is still a place to find an unusual gift, independent food vendors and some pretty good street entertainment.



The Shard

If you want to get a view across London, then the viewing platform from The Shard is certainly the best place to get it. You can see almost 40 miles across the city from the platform, and your ticket is weather guaranteed, meaning that if the day turns out to be foggy or drizzly, you can come back for free.  If the view doesn’t take your fancy you can always check out the  growing retail arcade situated on the pedestrian route between London Bridge underground station and the main entrances to The Shard.


Architecture, Architecture

If, like me, you are interested in beautiful buildings and interesting architecture, then London is the city to visit. It has everything to savour, from the Art Deco beauty of the Hoover Building and the Daily Express building, to the Regency buildings of John Nash, and the artistry of Sir Christopher Wren. The newer architecture is also interesting and awe inspiring. Take a bus tour and just enjoy the sites.

A Florida Wish List

If you asked people which state they would most like to visit in America, Florida would come really high up on the list. The Sunshine State is the home to DisneyWorld, Universal Studios and The Kennedy Space Centre, as well as being the site of the Everglades.

If you are planning a trip to Florida with your family this Summer, you may well need to write a list of the places you want to see. I have produced a list of some of the places that are on my Florida Bucket list which might just help you to have the best family holiday this year.

The Kennedy Space Centre

I blame Professor Brian Cox. Ever since his highly rated TV show unlocked some of the mysteries of space, I’ve been a bit obsessed. And with 2019 being the 60th anniversary of man landing on the moon, now has to be the best time to visit The Kennedy Space Centre.

This was the launching site of Apollo 11 in 1969, and every space flight since. A chance to get up close and personal with rockets and their launch site is an absolute must if you are visiting Florida, a real experience you will never forget.

The Magic Kingdom

If you are travelling with children, then The Magic Kingdom at  the Walt Disney World Resort is just unmissable. Comprising 6 themed lands, this attraction is the one where you get to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald and all their friends, whilst enjoying a host of rides and experiences, taking in all that is magical about Disney.

The films and the characters never grow old, and you are never too old to enjoy the magic of Disney. This is truly one for all the family.

Universal Studios

Keeping with the entertainment theme, if you are a fan of the big screen then you must take a trip to Universal Studios. The Studio experience comprises rides and attractions, including those dedicated to Harry Potter, The Mummy, The Cat In The Hat and Dudley Do Right, with entertainment shows, food and shopping.

Florida Keys

If your idea of the perfect holiday includes snorkelling, fishing and messing around on boats, then you should pay a visit to the Florida Keys. The home of Ernest Hemingway, the Florida Keys are a gorgeous string of almost tropical islands that are the perfect place to unwind and discover the real Florida. Maybe watch the video of Key Largo before you travel to get a flavour of the Keys.