Top 10 Best Selling Wrist Watch Brands under £500 in 2016

Men know that a great-looking watch is more than just a utilitarian addition to the wardrobe. That’s why many of you have several watches. Sports enthusiasts will want waterproof, dirtproof, and shockproof timepieces, while an executive who spends much of his time in “the corner office” is more likely to wear a model of understated class. Balancing budget considerations and functionality, here are 10 of the best watches you can find for under £500.

1. The Classic Slim Wrist Watch from Brathwait


This beautiful and elegant wrist watch is at ease in any situation, dressy or casual. Its classic good looks combine melano Italian leather, rugged stainless steel construction, and a Swiss quartz precision movement for dependable timekeeping, year in and year out. Water-resistant up to 328 feet, it’s also easily “transformable” with the interchangeable straps Brathwait offers in a variety of colors and finishes, from stainless steel bracelets to cloth and different leather finishes.

2. “Takes a Licking and Keeps On Ticking”


Timex has long been known for its endurance — witness the old commercial line — but there’s more to Timex than digital watches for athletes. This particular part of the Intelligent Quartz line, the Flyback, has a bi-retrograde quartz movement, using microprocessors to power the main dial and subdials, for accuracy that’s unbeatable. Backlighting, a sleek black case, and a brown leather strap give it a touch of panache.

3. Need a Windfall? Think Swatch


When you think of “Swatch,” do you think of neon plastic? Well, that’s only half the story: recently, Swatch has added both class and sophistication to their timepiece lines. One great example is the Windfall, with its 39mm diameter, chronometer subdials and pushers, and legendary Swiss quartz accuracy and reliability. Put this Swatch to work and leave retro behind!

4. From Seashore to Trading Floor: the Orient Automatic Dive Watch


You may have heard it said that every man should own one terrific dive watch — but what if you’re not a diver? Never fear: this watch will take you a long way, even on dry land. One of many Orient understated dive watches, the Raven, has a fully automatic movement and unidirectional bezel. Add the black ion plating and you’ve got all the suave charm of a “spy” piece at a great price.

5. Choose Your Weapon


Love the ambience of Samurai steel? Here it is, right on your wrist!  Japanese quartz movement, stainless steel backing, and heavy-duty construction give the Komono Winston Print Bumblebee an ideal combination of elegance, aesthetics, and durability. A breathable fabric band equips it — and you — to feel just as at home with it in the gym as the boardroom.

6. Feeling as Light as Air


An optical illusion that tells magnificent time, the Skagen Hald Leather Multifunction Watch appears to float just above the wrist…and provide you with a great look at any altitude. With inset faces that allow 24-hour timekeeping in suave blue, gray, or white, this watch supplies priceless elegance for even a tight budget.

7. German Engineering with Great Looks

image04When it comes to myriad machines, large and small, Germans know how to make meticulous detail beautiful; these Braun watches are no exception. You could exhibit the white-face chronograph in an art museum — but we’ll bet you’d rather wear it! Its counterpart, the full-function black-faced chronograph model, has a neat yellow stopwatch hand for sporty contrast. High fashion or high impact…they’ve got you covered.

8. Budget-Friendly Bling

image07Wear this classy Seiko chronograph and smile — your friends need never know how thrifty you’ve been! The multi-layered dial with flight tachymeter is a show-stopper; solar quartz ensures that its faithful timekeeping doesn’t stop, even when normal batteries have long given up the ghost. With a 43mm-diameter stainless steel case, it’s ready for tough duty; with the classic white-stitched leather band, it’s ready for a night on the town…all at a great price that lets you splurge on dessert.


  1. The “Boss” of Great Fashion


In his usual inimitable style, Hugo Boss gives you this white-faced dress watch crafted with simple elegance that bespeaks great taste. Outstanding style details such as slender silver hands, markers, and case bezel pair effortlessly with a croc print leather strap, and Swiss quartz movement makes sure you’re always on time for the next great event — an unbeatable combination from a name known for excellence!

10. Look like a Million without Spending It


Masculine and sophisticated in any language: that’s Michael Kors’ Jetmaster. A 45mm case makes it large enough to stand out in just the right way, and quartz movement keeps you going without having to stop for batteries. And, if you’re one of those guys who loves to see “how stuff works,” this is the timepiece for you: you can see through the mechanicals from both front and back!

These are just a few of the top choices out there; look around and you’ll find tons of options for just the right timepiece to harmonize with YOUR taste, budget, and “real life.” Happy hunting!



All that glitters – a jewellery wishlist

I’ve been talking about wardrobe updates on the blog this month as it seems appropriate with the coming of Spring. Today I’m focusing on another way you can update your wardrobe, and that is through the jewellery you wear. Jewellery can completely change the look of an outfit, taking it from every day wear to being evening appropriate just through the addition of something sparkly or a real statement necklace. In addition, if you have a little black dress in your wardrobe, this can pretty much take you to every occasion depending on the jewellery you choose.

Statement Necklaces

I am a little obsessed with statement necklaces. I love the fact that you can wear one with a plain t-shirt and jeans, and suddenly the outfit no longer looks casual, and instead is very sophisticated. When wearing a statement necklace keep the rest of your jewellery to a minimum and let that key piece do all the talking. Dorothy Perkins has some fantastic and affordable statement necklaces at the moment, with some great discounts too.

Piano Key Necklace Was £14.50 Now £10.87Click to visit Dorothy Perkins

Piano Key Necklace Was £14.50 Now £10.87 Click to visit Dorothy Perkins

Wrap Facet Necklace Was £16.50 Now £12.37Click to visit Dorothy Perkins

Wrap Facet Necklace Was £16.50 Now £12.37 Click to visit Dorothy Perkins

Glitter Zebra Necklace Was £12.50 Now £9.37Click to visit Dorothy Perkins

Glitter Zebra Necklace Was £12.50 Now £9.37 Click to visit Dorothy Perkins

Wearing a Watch

Even for those who don’t generally wear jewellery, a watch is often the exception to the rule. I love feminine watches, rather than those with fairly masculine big faces and fastenings. Babla’s jewellers currently have a fabulous range of watches, and I particularly love the DKNY selection, which has a selection of styles and metals to suit all tastes.

DKNY Crosswalk Ladies Watch NY2171 £80.74 Click to visit Babla's Jewellers

DKNY Crosswalk Ladies Watch NY2171 £80.74 Click to visit Babla’s Jewellers

DKNY Chambers Rose Gold Ladies Watch NY2214 £72.50 Click to visit Babla's Jewellers

DKNY Chambers Rose Gold Ladies Watch NY2214 £72.50 Click to visit Babla’s Jewellers

DKNY Crosswalk Ladies Watch NY2169 |£67.19 Click to visit Babla's Jewellers

DKNY Crosswalk Ladies Watch NY2169 |£67.19 Click to visit Babla’s Jewellers

Chandelier Earrings

From Edie Sedgwick, to Kate Moss and Beyonce, style icons have been showing that nothing looks more glamorous or elegant than an updo and a pair of sweeping chandelier earrings.  Next have some really great examples this season, these range from designers in diamante with a real Hollywood feel, to boho styles that will look brilliant with your cut off jeans come festival season.

Gold Tone Antique Drop Earrings £10 Click to visit Next

Gold Tone Antique Drop Earrings £10 Click to visit Next

Silver Tone Jewel Drop Earrings £8 Click to visit Next

Silver Tone Jewel Drop Earrings £8 Click to visit Next

Silver Tone Glitter Detail Tassel Earrings £10 Click to visit NEXT

Silver Tone Glitter Detail Tassel Earrings £10 Click to visit NEXT

What are your jewellery must haves?

How To Invest In Vintage Timepieces

Many people don’t purchase a watch, they invest in one. Even if they end up spending a lot on a vintage piece, there’s one thing that they keep in mind and that is appreciation.

Here are some important qualities to look out for when starting your collection and  or you are looking for vintage wrist watches for sale at


The Manufacturer

The stamp found on the watch’s dial can affect its importance. Rolex, Patek, Omega, and Vacheron are the most recognized pieces for their high returns in auctions. Smaller manufacturers have also enjoyed heightened interest, but they are occasional exceptions. The high end brands are best the majority of the time, but don’t neglect the smaller brands, you can never predict what they could be worth later on.

Case Metal

When buying a classic sports watch, be it an AP Royal Oak or a Rolex Sub, stay away from two-tone, it’s simply a terrible investment. However, it can also be a good investment when it comes to Vacheron and Patek where there is a rare metal combination.

You Don’t Have to Invest in What Everyone Else Likes

Did you know that the Daytona used to be Rolex’s least popular sports watch? Today, it’s one of the most collected timepieces in the market. How come? During that time, consumers and industry figures liked the other watches better, leaving the Daytona sales to fail. Many years later, it had started getting acknowledgment for its scarcity as well as its one-of-a-kind aesthetics. It was also used by a famous actor and racer, Paul Newman, so that helped its appreciation, too. So you really don’t always have to get what everyone else loves.

Where To Buy

Starting your collection may seem easy at first, but purchasing vintage wrist watches isn’t really a walk in the park. Time and money are essential, as is knowing what you want and finding the top antique jewellery provider from Sydney.

Anyone can go online or walk into a shop and buy a Rolex Date just for £3000. But, what if the watch is only worth half that amount? That’s why auctions can be the way to go. Sotheby’s, Christies, Antiquorum and Bonham’s are some world premier destinations for purchasing and selling antique watches. Prices are usually well below retail and all the pieces are authenticated by renowned experts as well as graded based on their condition.

If you much prefer to purchase your watches for a set price and minus any additional fees, online at Kalmar Antiques is the way to go. Besides getting antique watches from an auction, transacting with highly reputable and respected dealers is also a recommended option.

Looking Ahead

We all know that there are rewards and risks associated with any kind of investment we tend to make. But it’s important to realise the importance of horological knowledge when it comes to investing in vintage wrist watches. Speculation tends to play a major role in buying the “right” watch and one that will yield substantial returns in the future.

Of course, you may have decided to begin a vintage watch collection just because you love the watches. That’s okay, so long as you stick to investing in items you really like!