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Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash – Review and Competition

Driving in the rain is never a good situation, and the weather over the last week, which has seen Storm Doris and Ewan make an appearance, has been what can only be described as ‘Biblical’. The rain has literally lashed down, making the wipers seem almost useless as a torrent of water has battered down onto windscreens, making visibility very difficult. But the Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash is a product that can offer some help in the most difficult of weather circumstances.

Hydrophobic Aquaphobic Rain-Repelling Screenwash 1L
Price: £13.95 Click to visit Chipex

Chipex are a company best known for their colour match paint repair products, but they also do a very effective screen wash that can also act as an anti-freeze up to -5 degrees. The Aquaphobic screenwash comes in a one litre bottle which is a decent size anyway, but as the liquid is also super-concentrated, this will actually cover you for about 7 refills, making it a product that is also a money saver.

So what makes this screenwash any different from the bottles you can pick up on the High Street? Well, we’ve already mentioned the size and concentration, which will help you to save money, but there is a lot more to it than that. As it’s name suggests, this is a screen wash that also repels water, making it bead away so that your visibility is improved when driving in the rain. It also removes bird droppings and any other debris from trees and road surfaces.

In addition to this, the screenwash also acts like a wash and conditioner for your windscreen wipers too. It can help you avoid that really annoying squeaking sound that the wiper blades can often make.

You can find all the latest Chipex products on their website here. You can also enter my competition to win a Chipex Bundle. Details below.

Win a Chipex Bundle UK #56

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