Choosing A Signature Scent With Pairfum London

Do you remember when you first started to wear real perfume? I don’t mean the little girl Disney bottles that came with plastic jewellery, I mean real perfume, a known name that you wore every day as you started to discover your scent. For me, the first perfume was Loulou by Cacharel. It was a grown up fragrance, one that I now think had quite a heady, sickly smell, but one that at the time seemed to be sophisticated and grown up.

We all have our signature fragrances, the one that we wear for all occasions, the one that people recognise as our scent. I didn’t stay with Loulou my whole life. I moved on to Miracle by Lancome, the fragrance I wore on my wedding day, and then to Miss Dior Cherie (one I still wear and love.). My most recent signature scent has been Roberto Cavalli, a fragrance I discovered in an airport as I wondered around the tax free shopping. But recently I’ve found myself a little bored by the High Street and fashion house offerings – so many supposedly new scents seem to smell very ‘samey’.

Pairfum London offers you the chance to find something new and exciting when it comes to fragrance. The perfume house, based and inspired by the scents of London, is one of the few in the world to still have an in-house perfumer creating new scents using the landscape of London, the parks and palaces, and, of course the people as a canvas for each new fragrance.

Fragrance Library | Perfume Experience Box

Choosing a new fragrance is all about the scent, but in the current climate it is quite difficult to actually smell perfume. Many testers have disappeared in department stores due to fear of Covid, so it feels like you are limited to perfumes that you already know, what may be practical, but is hardly exciting. Pairfum London have come up with a brilliant answer to this, a fragrance library that you can buy and enjoy in your own home.

The Fragrance Library | Perfume Experience Box is a set of 12 Eau de Parfum Intense, each containing 2ml of fragrance in a spray bottle. Each fragrance is different, and the range contains many different scents, from fresh to floral, and even more unusual combinations like Spiced Coffee & Oaked Vanilla and Spiced Rum, Lime & Guaiac Wood.

How to enjoy the Fragrance Library

As well as the 12 vials of perfume, you also have 50 smelling strips, the cards you find in department stores to spray the perfume on. These make the perfume experience a fun one that you can share with friends and family. I used the cards to help me decide which fragrances I then wanted to try on my skin. In department stores you often have so many different smells wrestling for space, so even if you try a fragrance, it can be hard to actually decide if you like it. At home I could try a new fragrance each day, I could let it settle and see how it reacted to my skin, and also how long the fragrance lasted. My absolute favourite was Neroli, Musk and Orange Blossom, closely followed by Mandarin Blossom and Sandalwood (you may see a pattern, yes I love orange fragrance.) I found other fragrances more masculine – my husband loved the Spiced Rum fragrance for instance.

Choose Your Favourite

The fragrance library costs £30, which is a great price for 24mls of different fragrances, but if you choose a favourite and then order a full sized bottle, this is subtracted from the price, almost making your library a free gift. The libraray would also be a fantastic Christmas present for a fragrance lover, as it is so beautifully presented in a gorgeous gift box, and then packaged in a matching gift bag.

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