Why Autumn Is A Good Time To Buy A New Home

For many people, the pandemic put the idea of home moves on the back burner. How could you even think of moving to a new house when we weren’t even allowed to leave the house? But. as we have opened up again, many people are now, once again, looking to move to pastures new, and for many different reasons. This can include needing a bigger space for a growing family, wanting to move to a new area – maybe to get into the catchment for a particular school. You could be wanting to size down if your children have left home, or may just want a certain feature – a dining room, upstairs bathroom or a garage.

Whatever the reason, it has to be said that Autumn has never, traditionally been a favourite time of the year when it comes to a move. There has been a fear that a delayed or problematic move could lead to your family being in some kind of limbo coming into the festive season. Another worry is about the idea of moving when the weather isn’t good, although if you require movers and packers in London, you could use a service like The Van Man and have all your belongings moved quickly and in a stress free way, whatever the time of year.

So Autumn has traditionally been a moving no-no. But our current climate means that in 2021, you may well decide to make your move in September, October or November (I don’t think anyone really moves in December, even now.) And for people who want to buy a new home then, there are definite benefits to be found.


One benefit is that there are more houses to choose from. Sellers tend not to list their homes during the Summer holidays due to a mixture of traveling (even during the year of the staycation) and having the children at home (a bit of a nightmare for viewings). Come Autumn, with holidays over and children back at school, many houses are put on the market, so the choice is bigger and better for the buyer.


You may find you are able to find your dream home for a more competitive price in Autumn. There are more houses for sale, but less people buying, which means you may be able to make an offer that wouldn’t be accepted during the busy Spring period, but may be accepted now.

Other Costs

You may find that it is not just the house itself that can be cheaper in Autumn, all the other add on services that you need to make a move may also be cheaper during the quieter buying season. You may find you are able to get better deals on things like conveyancing and even on moving services due to the nature of the supply and demand.

If you are thinking of moving home, and were putting it off until next Summer, it may be worth having a rethink. Autumn is a good time to move house.

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