Time for that dream home?

Many people chose to move house in Spring. New season, new start seems to be a good mantra, and it was one that I followed myself when we moved into our home, starting that search as the season changed. But for those who are happy to stay put, Spring can also be the perfect time for home improvements, the time when you can make your current home your dream home.

A house is always a blank canvas that can be changed, extended and renovated to your own requirements. Homeowner loans from companies like Ocean Finance can release funds that will enable you to turn your current abode into the one you always dreamed of when you were a child. My husband Pete has been looking into renovating our bedroom by adding a mezzanine floor so that we would have extra space for our wardrobes (and even for extra wardrobes…), with the plan that the bed would take the space of the mezzanine, and the wardrobes and dressing table would be below. A bedroom with an attached dressing room certainly lives up to my idea of a dream house. But how would my 7 year old describe his dream home? And would we be able to make it?

Joe’s dream home…in Lego!

It is probably not the best question in the world to ask a football crazy 7 year old boy. But I did. And her is how the conversation panned out.

Me: Joe, what would be your dream house?

Joe: (Absolutely no hesitation) A football Stadium!

Me: Errr, I don’t think you could live in a football stadium Joe.

Joe: (Looks at me like I’m stupid) Yes I could, I could play football every day, eat my dinner there and they have showers and a bed?

Me: But how can we make that out of Lego!!!!

And the answer to that question is that it will take time, you will need extra lego rather than the box we had very kindly been sent, and you will next extra patience so the Lego doesn’t get thrown against a wall. But, like making your own dream home, you will eventually get there, and be pretty chuffed with the results.

Take a look.








We created our ‘dream house’ (ahem!) using the lego found here and the base board found here.


4 thoughts on “Time for that dream home?

  1. Aww what a cute dream home in Lego. My son still loves Lego and he’s 19 now. Homeowner loans can be very useful if you need one. I am looking to get a new kitchen so this is one route I may take

  2. Oh I used to love playing with Lego. And what a great dream house!! I can’t wait for my daughter to be an age where we can enjoy Lego together!

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