Reviewed: Liberex FC2661 DIY Water Flosser

One of the problems that have occurred since the global pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have been the ability to get to see a dentist in person. The backlog means that unless you are really suffering, you will be waiting a long time for a general appointment, and so taking responsibility for our own oral health has never been more important.

One thing that you can use to improve the cleanliness of your teeth, mouth and breath is a water flosser. Most dentists recommend flossing as an extra measure to help remove food can stuck between your teeth and in the harder to reach areas when you brush, but it is a step in oral hygiene that many people skip, finding it fiddly and sometimes uncomfortable. An water flosser uses water to do the same job, and is able to do it easily and much quicker than the stringy floss.

The water flosser that we have is the latest Liberex model, the Liberex FC2661 DIY Water Flosser. This is such a brilliant and easy to use model. It comes with five tips, so that you can use it even if you have false teeth, braces, a crown or a bridge. The jet nozzle which squirts the water  rotates 360 °. This means that not only does it give your teeth a deep clean, but that it hits all areas of your mouth, reaching all those hard-to-reach spaces between teeth and at the back of your mouth.

The water flosser has 5 cleaning modes. The first three are self explanatory – soft, medium and strong. Then there is pulse, which is good if you want to give your gums a massage. The final mode is DIY, this is where you can actually set your own speed and verocity by going through the intensities which travel from 1 -10. You can enter this DIY settings simply by long pressing the mode button for two seconds to enter the mode, and then going through the intensity levels, when you reach the one that is right for you, just press the mode button again once. You can change this as often as you want, you may want to keep the flow quite gentle generally, but on the days you’ve had spinach or chicken may need to turn it to full.

The Liberex FC2661 DIY Water Flosser is a neat piece of equipment. It is quite compact, not taking a lot of space on your bathroom shelf, but it looks stylish alongside your electric toothbrush. It has a waterproof design, so it won’t be soaking your bathroom with water, and after use, it has an automatic shut off function, so if you forget to turn it off, it will do it itself after 2 minutes.

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