Choosing the Right Colour Decking: Top Tips

If you’re planning to lay some decking from dino decking, you may want to make sure that you choose the right colour. A lot of people assume that decking only comes in a few colours, whereas it comes in many different colours. While the colour of your decking may not be the most important consideration for you, it is well worth thinking about.

When you choose the right colours your decking can complement your home and your garden. A bad choice of colour can make your decking look quite awful. So, let’s take a look at how you can choose the right colour decking for your home and, of course, your garden.  

Consider your Home’s External Colour

One of the most important factors you need to consider is your home’s external colour. Chances are it’s a colour that matches one of the many colours that are available. Choosing the right colour is particularly important if you are installing the decking close to your home. It’s not as important if you are installing the decking at the other end of your garden, but getting the colour right is still important.

Consider your Garden’s Colours

You will also need to consider the colours in your garden. While most people’s garden is green with the odd shade of brown there are those which may predominantly be white or grey if they contain a lot of statues. Consider the colours you have in your garden and what colour decking would match or complement those colours.

If you have a green garden you may want to opt for colours that complement the green. If you have a colourful garden then a deck that is a neutral colour could be ideal.

Test the Colours

One of the best things you can do before you lay your decking is to test the colours. Many deck companies will be happy to send you some free samples. These free samples reflect the real colour of the decking and will help you to get a real idea as to what your decking will look like. You may find that the colours displayed on the website are a little different from the free samples. The colour and brightness that your computer displays can be different from the colour of the decking. This is why it’s important to order some free samples.

Ideas for your Decking

Below you will find a list of colours that will work well with specific colours that you have in your garden or on the exterior of your home. Please use these suggestions as ideas and think about what you’re trying to achieve in terms of your decking’s look and feel:

Dark Grey Decking – This colour can work quite well with warm colours. What’s more, is a darker shade can hide dirt quite well.

Dark Blue Decking – This colour can work really well with cottages and secondary tones such as beige, cream or blue. Dark blue can also work with pink and purple.

Green Decking – This is one of the more popular decking colours. It tends to work quite well with traditional homes along with some contemporary ones too. You can pair green with red, black, taupe, and just about any other colour out there.,

Brown or Black Decking – Decking in brown or black is ideal as it can make small spaces look bigger. If you want to build a large deck you may find that brown or black decking is a little overpowering. You may, therefore, wish to choose a lighter shade instead.

With a little bit of work, you can potentially choose the right colour decking that will look good in your garden for many years to come.


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