WUKA – Let’s Talk About Period Pants

Periods. Something every woman experiences, and yet a topic which we are reluctant to talk about in to any great extent. For many women, the time of the month is something to be dreaded, a time when feeling rough for a few days is combined with the fear of running out of towels and tampons, leaking through to our clothes on heavier days, and generally wishing we could be a man, at least for the duration.

And then there is the growing concern for the environment, which jars unhappily with our use of sanitary products. Sanitary Towels and tampons are, of course, single use, which would not be a such a problem if they were recyclable. But neither are designed for recycling and instead go to landfill, where they can take centuries to degrade. (There’s a really interesting article on The Guardian’s website that talks about the problem, and how the sanitary industry basically ignores it, you can find it here.)

But there are people who are now making a stand. People like Ruby Raut, the founder of Wuka Wear (WUKA  stands for Wake Up Kick Ass.) Ruby is an environmental scientist who has combined both her passion for environmental issues with her scientific know how in order to create Wuka Wear, period wear that is reusable, hygienic and sustainable. The pants are made up of layers that can hold at least 4 tampons worth of blood without leaks, and the antibacterial layer means that they are totally hygenic and won’t smell. The pants are machine washable, and are therefore resuable, so once you have made your initial outlay, these will definitely help you save money each month, and they will also help avoid those situations when you suddenly find yourself without a towel or a tampon.

The pants are well designed and attractive, in a sporty, Calvin Klein kind of way, they are certainly not bulky or old fashioned. They are also Eco friendly using Micro Modal high tech fabric. They have been designed in the UK 🇬🇧 and manufactured to the highest standards. They are also Comfortable, feeling soft and body hugging with plenty of coverage for reassurance. This is so important if you already feel unwell during your period. Panties also allow a woman to free-flow avoiding the internal drying and health risks of tampons

WUKA WEAR is growing in popularity, with the company winning two important awards: Innovation Entrepreneur 2018 and the Best New Business award for Female Founders, this in its first year since conception. It has already stopped more than 1.3 million tons of disposable tampons and pads from going to landfill as customers make the switch to reusables.

Hygenic, environmentally friendly and reusable, WUKA gets us talking about periods in a positive way.


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