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Christmas Belle – Kate Bush

It’s now time for my annual Christmas song from a female singer who also happens to be a style icon. Last year I chose 2000 Miles from The Pretenders, one of my absolute faves and pretty well known. This year I’ve opted for another fave lady, but with a song that is a little less well known. This year’s Christmas bell(e) is Kate Bush, and the song is December Will Be Magic Again, which she performed live on a Christmas special in 1979, and was then released for Christmas 1980, but only released number 29 in the charts. This was in the same year that the Christmas Number one position was held by St Winifred’s School Choir, so go figure. At this time of year there is absolutely no accounting for taste!

I love this song, it is the sort of record that sends a shiver up the spine, beautiful and just a little haunting, like a Christmas ghost story from M R James. I discovered it on side 2 of a three disc Christmas CD about 10 years ago and feel in love with it, Kate’s voice is as beautiful and unique as ever and just soars through the stunning lyrics. It is perfect, bringing to mind roaring fires, mulled wine and ‘It’s a wonderful Life’. Christmas encapsulated in just under 4 minutes.

Kate Bush – style icon.









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