Christmas Gift Idea – Books from Lost My Name

If you are looking for a very special, and unusual present for a child this Christmas, then take a look at Lost My Name and the wonderful books that they produce. I can honestly say you will find it difficult to find a more enchanting, beautiful gift this festive season.


The Lost My Name books written by David Cadji-Newby take children on a very special journey. The main character in the story, which can be either a boy or a girl, has lost their name, and goes on a journey through a very special land, meeting lots of lovely animals and friends along the way. Their quest is to collect all the letters of their name again, so they can put them together and find out who they are. The beauty of this, of course, is that the book is totally personalised to your child, and the name they find is actually their own name – leading to a wonderfully, magical moment.


DSCN0027[1]The book is really easy to create – you just need to specify your child’s name and their sex. The book is then created for you, but you can also add a personalisation in the form of an inscription on the inside of the book.  You can also have the book gift wrapped for delivery, great if this is a present and you are delivering it to a different address.

The book itself is lovely, the characters are weird and wonderful and totally memorable, whilst the story is involving and interesting. The illustrations by Pedro Serapicos are just beautiful – almost like those in a traditional folk tale, whilst the books have humour in terms of the characters and the situations.


I can’t think of a more lovely present to give your child this Christmas, this is something that will be treasured for year’s to come. It would also be a lovely gift for the parent of a new baby, or a Christening gift – totally different and unique. A real gift to love and cherish.

The Lost My Name books cost £18.99 with delivery taking from 7-12 days.

You can follow Lost My Name on their Facebook Page here.

*I was sent a copy of Lost My Name to review – all thoughts are my own.

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