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A good way to build the best wardrobe is to search for key classic items and then supplement them by buying trendy pieces every season. Although that’s a good place to begin, it’s not clear what the fundamental items are. Many moms invest in getting a wardrobe but only a few focus on what to buy exactly. Trends are always changing with new introductions almost all the time, which explains why this is difficult. But the truth is it doesn’t have to be if you have a few quality items that are timeless and never go out of style you will always be chic and fabulous. For more fashion tips, visit Stylisty.

Here are a few items every stylish mom must have in their closet. 

Dark Jeans

Denims, just like wide casual pants are a must-have for any wardrobe, almost all your budget must be directed to dark wash denims. They are versatile as you’re able to wear them with heels or flat shoes. So select a type that flatters you regardless of your shape. The high-rise ones are perfect for the apple-shaped and those with ruler shapes can look really great on skinny jeans. If you’re a pear-shaped mom, you’ll be better in boot-cut denims. Put your money into a dark color with little fading, because jeans with fading can make you come across as less classy. 

Invest in Black Pumps

Although loafers, sneakers, and slippers have their place, you’ll get more value for your money if you purchase a black pair of pumps. Good quality pumps can expand your wardrobe and will last you a lifetime and beyond if you focus on quality at the time of purchase. 

Search for a classic-looking pair, with a closed almond-shaped form or a V-pointed tip that never goes out of style. Rather buy a pair made from matte leather which will help you transition easily from season to season compared to a patent or suede.

Get a Snazzy Blazer

The versatile nature of a blazer cannot be disputed. You’re able to wear it with a cocktail dress or denims. They can flatter any type of figure while adding a great style element pretty quickly. This is a definite must-have for your wardrobe. It’s one of the easiest pieces that you can use to appear polished and well put together in no time.

Look for a blazer that reaches your hip. Ensure that the fit is correct for you. You must be able to notice a plain shape on your waist. The blazer must also suit your body shape. For example, ladies who have athletic figures can select a lower stand, ladies with a bigger bust need to choose a higher stance. 

In Closing

Consider all the clothing items you buy within a year, then think about the amount of money you spend on clothes that have poor quality and quickly go out of style. The best way to approach building your wardrobe is to see it as an investment. By buying staple pieces you will always look stylish, timeless, and most importantly classic. Something every woman and mom yearns to be. 


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