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Dealing with those ‘Oops’ moments.

 In amongst all the things women still don’t talk about, a leaky bladder is probably the number one taboo subject. Feeling worried about leakages when we laugh too hard, or sneeze, or just when we are dying to use the toilet, are all really common, with an incredible one in two women in the UK alone affected by this. But a new film from Tena is aiming to change are attitudes towards what is a common problem, with four women talking about their own experiences of light bladder weakness.

I have my own experience of this sort of problem. Many years ago a close friend used to suffer if she had alcohol and then found herself laughing, she would very often be seen running to the toilet as she failed to hold her bladder and ‘leaked’. When I had Joe, I had a caesarian section, and didn’t feel I really needed to try those pelvic exercises, after all, Joe hadn’t come out that way. I was wrong, and now find that if I need to pee, I need to go straight away, no waiting around or trying to hold it like I did pre-Joe.


I think the film from Tena is great as it shows young, glamorous women talking and laughing about their experiences with weak bladder issues, belying the idea that it is just old ladies who have this problem. Not all the women in the film are mother’s – one girl just has a very small bladder, and they show clearly why this is a problem which should never blight your life or stop you doing anything you wish. Lights by Tena are small enough to keep in your bag, and so are perfect for unexpected leaks – those ‘oops’ moments as they are perfectly described in the film.




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  • Nora

    You are so right. I don’t understand how it is such a taboo when it is so widespread. I feel like that sometimes and I’ve not even had children.

  • Donah @ SJB

    I know my Mom had this issue before and it’s something we talked about. I had my baby 3 years ago and although i didn’t do any of those exercises, i can’t remember the last time I ever had to deal with opps moment. But you are right, I don’t understand why this is a taboo subject either.

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