Dealing with those ‘Oops’ moments.

 In amongst all the things women still don’t talk about, a leaky bladder is probably the number one taboo subject. Feeling worried about leakages when we laugh too hard, or sneeze, or just when we are dying to use the toilet, are all really common, with an incredible one in two women in the UK alone affected by this. But a new film from Tena is aiming to change are attitudes towards what is a common problem, with four women talking about their own experiences of light bladder weakness.

I have my own experience of this sort of problem. Many years ago a close friend used to suffer if she had alcohol and then found herself laughing, she would very often be seen running to the toilet as she failed to hold her bladder and ‘leaked’. When I had Joe, I had a caesarian section, and didn’t feel I really needed to try those pelvic exercises, after all, Joe hadn’t come out that way. I was wrong, and now find that if I need to pee, I need to go straight away, no waiting around or trying to hold it like I did pre-Joe.


I think the film from Tena is great as it shows young, glamorous women talking and laughing about their experiences with weak bladder issues, belying the idea that it is just old ladies who have this problem. Not all the women in the film are mother’s – one girl just has a very small bladder, and they show clearly why this is a problem which should never blight your life or stop you doing anything you wish. Lights by Tena are small enough to keep in your bag, and so are perfect for unexpected leaks – those ‘oops’ moments as they are perfectly described in the film.




Britmums Live – My first experience

I was incredibly lucky this weekend as I was able to attend my first ever Britmums Live conference. I was fortunate in that I had sponsorship for this event from fab fashion brand Kaleidoscope, without which I could not have attended, and I am pleased to say that it was every bit as good as I thought it would be.

Here are just some of the reasons why.

1. The opportunity to meet with brands and their representatives was both useful and illuminating. From Butlins to Warner Bros, by way of fashion from TK Maxx, books from Paragon and Waterstones and children’s products from Tu and Little Ones from Sainsburys. One of the absolute favourite exhibitors was the Coca Cola stand who were reproducing those new legendary labels with your name on. Of course, I couldn’t resist getting a Fashion-Mommy one printed, although I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to drink it yet – far too precious!

Sainsburys Stand

Loving this cute cardigan from Tu clothing

TK Maxx lounge

Style on show at TK Maxx

2. Britmums is a great opportunity to meet other bloggers. There is such a friendly atmosphere that it is really easy to meet and chat to new people. I was finally able to meet some bloggers who I have chatted to online for a long time, Fiona from Avenue 57, Avril from School Gate Style and Kat from Does my bum look 40 in this.

With Avril and Fiona

3. Britmums is fun! I did wonder just how formal Britmums was going to be, but it was actually a whole lot of fun. From photobooths with dressing up clothes and funny inflatables, to large creatures from Madagascar wandering around the venue, not to mention Owls from Harry Potter movies, Britmums was surreal and funny in equal parts.

4. The quality of the talks and panel discussions. From the inspirational Katie Piper, who seemed to have touched everyone with her searing honesty and bravery, to the hilarious Katy Hill, who is basically just as bubbly and exuberant in real life as she is on screen, Britmums provides speakers you really want to listen too. In addition, the Q&A panels proved to be insightful, funny and honest, and full of hints and tips that could really help any blogger, from the novice to the experienced, further improve their blogs.

And finally…Britmums Live may be the only conference where you get to do silly poses with an ex Blue Peter presenter, in the toilets, while you both freshen up. And if that doesn’t convince you that this is a conference worth taking part in, nothing will!

With Katy Hill at Britmums

Making a picture from Oddities – how hard can that be?

And the answer to the above question is really hard, because the three year old tasked with creating the picture is more interested in eating them than being creative. Oddities, for those wondering which planet I’ve just arrived from,  are those rather tasty wheat based savoury biscuits from Jacobs. They come in two flavours, bacon (which I’m rather partial to) and cheese. Joe, my three year old. isn’t at all fussy, he likes them both equally. (He told me that through a mouthful…).

When I was contacted about taking part in a special Oddities national campaign, I was rather excited. Having a three year old can make blogging rather difficult in daylight hours, but taking part in projects he can also get involved in is always great fun. I explained the task to Joe first, telling him that we needed to create a picture before we could eat the Oddities. He agreed, whilst gobbling up a handful that he had already grabbed.

Joe loves Oddities because of all the different shapes that the snacks come in. At the moment he is obsessed with rockets, and so he decided his picture was going to be space and rockets. More specifically, he decided to  recreate his favourite CBeebies programme,  Rhyme Rocket, in savoury snack form. He found all the rockets from the bacon flavoured pack first and set them out on a background he had painted. Next he found all the little men, who he christened Professor Poet, Commander, Officer Ditty. All the other men were extra Professor Poets, Officer Ditty’s etc.

Finally we had used all the spaceships and little men to create our picture. I asked Joe what we should do with the bones, cars and other shapes we hadn’t used.  Have you ever had a child who has given you a look that makes you feel like a complete idiot? ‘We can eat them..’ he said. And so we did, and very nice they were too.

The picture is starting to take shape.

The completed picture.

Happy with his creation

We ate these! Surplus to artistic requirements!

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