Disney brings it’s Magic to Birmingham

As a fashion blogger, I get invited to all sorts of fabulous events, but it is rare that I am invited to take my family. So it was a really special occasion this week when I was invited to attend the VIP opening of Disney Live at Birmingham NIA, and was also asked if I would like to bring the family along too. I didn’t need to be asked twice – I knew my Donald Duck fanatic Joe, and my Disney Princess niece Lia would just adore the event.

The afternoon started with a special pre-show reception. The children were delighted to be given a Mickey Mouse figure each, and the table was filled with balloons so I knew Joe would be happy. There was also a table overflowing with cold drinks – much-needed as the mercury was hitting the late 20s outside. Food was then served, gorgeous oer d’oeuvres of mini burgers, chicken and fish goujons, and mouth-watering strawberry and custard tarts. The children were then delighted with a visit by a couple of the stars of the show, Mickey Mouse and Goofy, who were happy to pose for numerous photographs (such professionals). And then it was onto the show.

And the show is simply mesmerizing. A great mixture of Disney characters and talented magicians, the show is bright, vibrant and wonderfully magical, even aside from the actual magic. Familiar and much-loved scenes from Disney films come to life in spectacular fashion, from Cinderella’s dress being transformed from rags to a glittering ballgown, Princess Jasmine’s levitation scene, to everyone’s fave, those dancing brooms from Fantasia. Joe loved the comedy moments involving a very truculent Donald Duck (he actually told me  ‘I just love that Duck!’) whilst my niece Lia was puzzled by how the magicians could cut the dancing-girls in half.

This is truly a glittering spectacle, complete with a simply stunning ending My little one has told everyone about the Magic of Mickey Mouse, and can still describe Donald’s disappearing act three days on. This show is highly recommended as a really exciting afternoon for those with young children.

With Huge thanks to Tara Tomes and the NEC Group for the invitation and giving us such a wonderful day.

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