Disney on Ice – Let’s Party!

Wednesday saw the premiere night for the latest Disney on Ice Show ‘Let’s Party’, at the Birmingham LG Arena.With my Mickey Mouse crazy son and gorgeous niece in tow, we headed out to the LG Arena to catch the show, and enjoy a very special VIP meeting with the great man and his lovely lady. (I’m talking of Mickey and Minnie of course!)

Disney on Ice shows are always something special, and this one proved to be no exception. The show was a lively mixture of songs and ice dance illustrating all the special celebrations that take place throughout the year, from birthdays, Valentine’s day, holidays and Halloween, right up to a very special celebration of Christmas. There were more Disney Characters than you could dare to name. from the aforementioned Mickey, Minnie and the gang, to all the beautiful Disney Princesses and their respective handsome princes. Also in attendance, more unusually, were a motley group of villainous characters, from the cartoonish Captain Hook, to the downright sinister Jack Skellington.

The show careered through at a frenetic pace, ensuring the young audience never became bored. The hilarious ‘Unbirthday’ sketch involved crashing birthday cakes and the cast of Alice in Wonderland racing around in celebration of Pinocchio’s ‘unbirthday’. The sweet Valentine’s scene proved to be the favourite of my little boy, who just adored Minnie looking for her lost love Mickey, whilst admiring the romance of various Disney heroines, whilst my nine-year old niece was truly impressed with the Halloween sketch, complete with huge cobwebs dropping from the ceiling and Cruella De Ville totally stealing the show.

My own personal favourite sequence was the Christmas scene, if only for the wickedly funny site of a huge pig on skates. With the whole stadium festooned in silver tic-a-tape, twinkling lights and all the characters in exquisite costumes, this was a gorgeous fantasy scene that will stop in the mind for a long time, and proved a wonderful end to what had been a memorable night.

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