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Diwah – beautiful bespoke jewellery

Diwah is a jewellery design company with a difference. It offers a bespoke service where you can state all your preferences when it comes to design, style and gemstones, and then will be presented with a range of bespoke necklaces that have been especially designed for you. There are also a range of necklaces and pendants that have already been designed that you can use as a template, and can then twerk to make your own perfect design. It is such an amazing concept, giving you the opportunity to create a piece that reflects your taste and personality, and it is just so easy to use.


I recently worked with Diwah to create a perfect necklace. I’m a real magpie when it comes to statement pieces, and necklaces are by far my favourite item of jewellery.  The Diwah design service is very easy to use as it simply looks to find your preferences when it comes to colours and style. You start by choosing your template from 6 different necklace styles. These differ in length, and single to multi strand designs, so there truly is something for every taste.



Next you need to choose your components, looking at everything from beads and semi precious stones like Agate, Jade and various crystals. You can also opt for a larger pendant design if you want a centre focal piece for your necklace. You can also choose the type of fastening that you want for your design. Once you have made all your decisions, it is over to the design team to come up with necklaces that incorporate your vision.



I was sent three designs to choose from and chose Wildcard, which was a stunning fusion of colour and sparkle. When the design arrived I was overjoyed to see just how pretty and elegant it is. The design arrived gift boxed and wrapped in tissue, with a lovely handwritten note that I think is a really lovely and totally apt touch for such a personal product. The necklace itself is beautiful quality, with a real weight to the design that you just don’t find in High Street costume jewellery. The semi precious stones are beautiful, especially the drop heart pendant that changes colour in different light.






I love my Diwah necklace and can see that this would be perfect for a special gift (a husband creating this for an anniversary present would win a lot of brownie points), or a bride creating a design for her big day. Diwah are friendly and talented and create exquisite pieces made to last.


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