DIY Jar Vases

The many uses of mason jars have long been a favourite topic on the internet and their online presence doesn’t look to be fading – and this doesn’t really come as much of a surprise! They’re extremely versatile and are able to provide that perfect shabby chic look to any space.

They’re an ideal container for displaying flowers and there are so many DIY vase possibilities to choose from. Here are a few ideas:

Metallic paint

Grab a spray paint in your favourite metallic shade, be it gold, silver or bronze and wrap a plastic bag or other material around the outside of the jar. Spray paint the inside, allowing it to dry before adding another layer if needed. This is really striking but so easy! Copper accessories are also very on trend at the moment, so get in on the act now. Metallic shades have a great ability to contrast and intensify the natural vibrancy of natural flowers.


Fishnet stencil

There are many ways to achieve interesting patterns on the surface of a jar, but this technique has one of the prettiest results – and it’s so simple. Just wrap a piece of fish net material nice and snugly around the jar and spray paint in your desired colour. Peel away the material and you’re left with a beautiful effect that’s reminiscent of fish scales or honeycomb.

Glitter dipped

A great excuse to get the glitter out! You could choose to cover the entire surface in sparkles (why not?!), but for a slightly more mature look just mark off the bottom section of the jar with tape, around two thirds of the way up. Paint on some glue and then coat it with the glitter. This will probably get a tad messy, so be prepared! Tap away the excess and spray with a sealant to lock in that shimmer.


Lace and twine

For that ultimate girly, rustic style, look no further than the combination of lace and twine. All you have to do is find a piece of pretty lace and cut it to size. Wrap it around the jar and either secure with a little glue or use the twine alone to keep it in place.


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