Does Wearing Shapewear Bring Any Benefit?

It seems shapewear is gaining more and more popularity. It has come a long way; in the beginning, it was just a one-piece garment design to extremely compress your body, but now you can find a big variety of types, styles, designs and shapes. In fact, nowadays, most women own at least one kind of shapewear, even two or more. It has become a wardrobe essential.

However, do we know everything there is to know about shapewear? Is it just a slimming garment that provides a beautiful and perfect silhouette or is there much more to it? Is it harmful to your body? There are many questions that needed to be answered; so we did a little research to find out everything there is to know about shapewear.
First of all we would like to make clear we are not going to emphasize the benefits shapewear grants in regards to contouring the body and helping attenuate imperfections, because it is something already known. Instead, we are going to focus on other characteristics to find out if it has (or not) other benefits for our body. Let’s get started!

It may be surprising, but apparently, there are benefits to the body after all, as we found out, shapewear can help in the improvement of posture. Because of the compression it provides, your back is supported and this makes you stay in a straight position, which generates an aid to relieve pain from the lumbar area and lower back. Shapewear characteristics can also help in improving your sitting posture and walking. Moreover, the support shapewear provides can help to prevent a humpback.
Another positive benefit is that due to the evolution in fabrics, shapewear can help you to lose weight, since most of them are made of lycra or silicone, which are warm and breathable fibers.

Is it harmful to use shapewear?

Corsets used centuries ago, with metal panels and laces to tie them up really tight, generated drastic changes in the body. They permanently narrowed the ribcage and relocated the organs. Of course, it is not the same with today´s shapewear; however, some styles and designs can be taken to extremes generating physical problems. The important thing is to wear them with common sense. Due to its stretchy fabrics, shapewear isn’t going to permanently damage your organs. But this doesn’t mean there are no consequences for wearing a garment excessively tight for a long period of time. Extreme compression could create acid reflux by restraining your digestive tract. In fact if you suffer from acid reflux, doctors suggest, you should use loose clothing.

Wearing too tight shapewear could also generate bloating and gassiness; by cause of
the constriction, the gastrointestinal system´s motion slows down and traps the gas inside.

Another potential damage, if the shapewear is too tight, is the constriction of blood circulation. Compressing the hip area too much prevents blood from circulating properly to the lower legs. Extremely tight shapewear can also squeeze nerves generating numbness, and if you suffer poor circulation, it can aggravate the condition or make your legs swell. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to get the correct size for you when purchasing shapewear (or any other clothes). You should always check the size chart and never buy a smaller size to get a stronger slimmer silhouette effect. Remember to always use common sense, and keep in mind; if the shapewear leaves a mark it means is too tight!
You should also pay attention to any kind of skin reaction, especially if you have delicate skin and you wear shapewear all day long. You can have an allergic reaction or an irritation of the skin, because of the synthetic fabric staying in touch with your skin for long periods; in such case, you should stop wearing the garment until your skin heals, otherwise it could get infected, and after that, you may try to get another brand or size of shapewear.

In conclusion, use common sense, get the right size. Stop wearing the garment if it gives you a skin reaction, and try not to wear them for excessively long periods of time or when you go to sleep.

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