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Dressing your little girl for a special occasion

If your little girl has got a special occasion coming up, you’re probably so excited to get her dressed up and looking her best. Some little girls absolutely love being dressed up. Some are indifferent, and others hate it. But whichever category your little girl falls into, she can still look absolutely beautiful! This post is everything you need to make your little girl look perfect for her upcoming event.

Consider the Dress Code

Pretty much every event children go to these days comes with some kind of dress code or guideline that you can go by. (Our most recent invite is for Princesses and Super heroes.)  But you also need to use your brain though; a posh pretty dress is great, but will it be warm enough to play outside in? You can’t deny your little girl fun like that, so you’ll need to pick something that will be OK if she gets a little dirty. Light colored dresses probably aren’t a good option in this instance. You might be able to find a way around it. I think taking a change of clothes could be a good idea, just in case!

Elsa and Anna are popular dressing up choices for parties at the moment.
Elsa and Anna are popular dressing up choices for parties at the moment.

The Fabric

The fabric shouldn’t make your little girl itch and she should be able to move around in it freely so she can enjoy herself. You don’t want a moody daughter for the duration of the special occasion. If she’s comfortable, she’ll look better and have so much more fun too.

My niece Renee loves to wear her party dresses
My niece Renee loves to wear her party dresses


Picking the Right Colors

Most kids will look beautiful in anything, but you should still pay attention to what really suits your child and what doesn’t. Some colours will look better on them than others, depending on the colour of their hair, eyes and skin. Some colours suit formal events more too; mainly neutrals and rich colors. That doesn’t mean you can’t put her in pastels if you like though. Bright colors can also work, although they can look a little less formal at times. If you want a formal party dress in a bright colour you could take a look at Easter dresses

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Little girls  enjoy wearing accessories too! A nice necklace or mini handbag can look really cute. However, you need to take her age into account. Don’t put her in a necklace if there’s a possibility of her choking on it or wrapping it too tightly around her neck. Many children love to make their own jewellery so this is a great option too.



What Would You Wear?

As your little girl gets older, she may well move away from the ribbons and the bows, so it is worth remembering that their is another option. There are lots of styles of dresses that are a little more mature but still age appropriate. Neutral colors can still look lovely, and you could even funk them up with a cool animal print, for example. Get creative with your daughter’s outfits and you’ll have lots of fun.


Are you ready to have fun playing dress up?

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