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Fabulous Fashionista’s – Fabulous Television

There is a definite plus point to the end of summer. The endless amounts of dross that have appeared on your television during those light nights;- the repeats, cheap reality shows (yes Big Brother, I mean you), and the B movies all finally disappear, and we start to get some good quality, well made, and frankly un-missable programmes. This makes Autumn a great time to compare broadband packages to find those with good TV packages like Virgin Media and BT with essentials TV.

So far this month I’ve enjoyed the brilliant David Threlfall in ‘What Remains’, uncovering the mysterious death of a lonely girl. I’m currently enthralled by ‘The Guilty’, with Katherine Kelly breaking hearts as a women whose young son was murdered, and I’m overjoyed by the return of Mount Pleasant, although sad that Robson Green has left the series, denying the lovely Bianca happiness once again.


But by far the most awe-inspiring, life-affirming programme to appear this month has been about an unlikely group of heroines. Fabulous Fashionista’s told the story of a group of women, ranging in age from 74 to 91, who refuse to conform to societies impression of how ‘old ladies’ should dress, and instead maintain their own fierce style and individual look.

Fabulous_Fashionistas___meet_the_ladiesThere was Daphne Selfe, the World’s oldest supermodel at 85, still all cheekbones and beautiful eyes, and the amazing Jean, with hair that would make Agyness Deyn jealous. I loved that she had been Gap’s oldest employee, and that she wouldn’t have looked out-of-place in a Gap shoot. Gilly made the whole of Twitter gasp with astonishment when she said she was 87, looking at least two decades younger, with a dancer’s physique and impeccable chic. And then there was Bridget, with a wardrobe to die for. You could only hope to be able to put outfits together like Bridget, almost a walking advertisement to Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style.

Fabulous Fashionistas, Gillian Lynn 2786I loved every minute of this programme. These ladies aren’t growing old disgracefully, they’re just doing it their way, with courage, passion and a whole lot of style. They dismiss the notion that ‘fashion’ is just for the young with every step in Doc Marten clad boots, and show that beauty comes in all sorts of packages, with maturity being a beautiful thing in itself. All hail the Fabulous Fashionista’s.

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