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Vaseline Paint the Town launches at Selfridges

Hot on the heels of the ‘pink bubbly’ Champagne version of Vaseline Lip Therapy, Selfridges have launched another gorgeous limited edition. ‘Paint the Town is a fabulous little tin of lip moisturisation, but with the added bonus of also tinting the lips with a gorgeous light red stain. I had the pleasure of being sent a pot from Selfridges, and am quite frankly hooked!


VASELINE Paint The Town lip therapy £3.49 click to visit Selfridges

Vaseline has long been a favourite for its lip protection and nourishment, and this new version is no different in that respect. I’ve suffered from very dry and cracked lips through the summer holidays, with sun damage being part of the problem Vaseline keeps the lips moist, which is turn leads to less cracking and much softer lips. They look better, they feel better.


So, what is special about the ‘Paint the Town’ version of this classic product? For a start, the tin is fabulous, a sort of Manhattan skyline making this pot very Carrie Bradshaw friendly and a perfect addition to your evening handbag. And then, of course there is the colour, a vibrant red that makes this instantly appealing. The balm is also scented, a spicy berry scent that almost has a ring of Christmas about it. (A perfect stocking filler maybe?). As you would expect with petroleum jelly, this is absorbed into the lips quickly and feels soothing without being over-sticky. The lip therapy leaves a nice, light tint – not bright red, but something that makes it perfect for everyday use as well as for the evening. In short, it is an affordable little beauty bargain that we can all treat ourselves to any day of the week.

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