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One final summer day trip with the kids

The summer holidays means time spent with the kids but it is over all too soon. Those six weeks of time away from school is a great chance to spend some quality time together. Visits to the beach, the zoo or a theme park are something that many families enjoy together over the holidays. When the summer is ending it’s always nice to enjoy one last trip out together. Be comfortable and confident in your outfit and don’t forget to take an extra layer in case that autumn weather starts closing in sooner than you’d like.

Shorts and T-Shirt

If you’re confident of your legs then shorts and t-shirt are a great way to go. They’re practical, cool and comfortable. This year, it is the longer length Bermuda style shorts that are right on trend so there’s no need to expose those thighs too much if you’re a little conscious of them. Wear your shorts with a fitted style t-shirt to ensure your great curves aren’t swamped under baggy layers. Choose flat shoes for comfort as there is every chance you’ll be doing a fair amount of walking on your day out! Take an extra layer to complement this outfit. With shorts and t-shirt a simple fitted fleece jacket or gilet is a stylish choice or, if you’re expected rain then do consider a pack away cagoule.


Cropped Trousers and Blouse

Cropped trousers are the fashionable choice for trousers this year and they’re great for the in between time between summer and autumn. For an easy day out relaxed drawstring style crops are an ideal choice. Bonmarché have some great bright coloured cropped trousers that will add some colour to your look, even if the sun isn’t making an appearance. For a light and easy top half either go with a jersey t-shirt or a loose fitting blouse or shirt. If you’re going with a blouse that is particularly voluminous it is a good idea to try to tuck in to avoid losing your figure amongst the flounce. Flip flops look great with crops on sunny days. Try an extra layer with cropped trousers by taking along an open style cardigan or a zip up fleece sweater.


Maxi Dress

If you’re not going to be doing too much running around on your day out together then a maxi dress is a pretty outfit in one that is both cool and comfortable. Maxi dresses look great with flat shoes and are also a perfect complement to most body types. For an extra layer when the weather takes a down turn a denim jacket looks fabulous with a maxi dress so definitely one to consider. A simple shrug is an alternative here if you don’t have a denim jacket.


Tunic and Leggings

Let’s face it, there is no denying that leggings are as comfortable as it gets. They’re an easy choice for a relaxed day out with the kids. If the weather is still on the warm side then go with a cropped pair in a light colour. If the sun seems to have already disappeared for the season then a black pair will always be practical. Even the most slender of us would find it hard to pull off wearing leggings without a longer top so go with a long line tunic top to skim over hips, bottom and thighs. Choose a top with a length that finishes at your slimmest part of your legs to show off your best bits and cleverly hide the bits you don’t like. There are plenty of bright and colourful tunics around so have fun with colour before the autumn shades set in. Take along a long line cardigan to keep out the chill.


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