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Friday Fashion – Black Panther Premiere

Red Carpet Premieres can often be staid, even boring events when it comes to the clothes. In these days of stylists, so many stars play it safe, wearing chic but ultimately unmemorable looks. But non of these accusations can be made against the stunning ladies who graced the Black Panther premiere this week. The looks were a riot of style, bright colours and thinking outside that fashion box. In short, they were amazing.

The latest film from the Marvel stable, Black Panther is one of the most anticipated films of recent times. With a mainly Black cast and a black super hero, Black Panther is a film that promises to celebrate the beauty and majesty of Africa, something that many believe has not always been the case with Hollywood films.

The female stars of the film, the stunning Lupita Nyong’o and Angela Bassett, both looked incredible on the red carpet, with Angela in yellow fringes apparently ageless. (How does she do it?). Lupita’s purple dress was a total showstopper from a lady already renowned for her exquisite fashion choices.

Other stars shining included the peerless Janelle Monae in a black ballgown and crown, which, it has to be said, she wears so well. My personal favourite look was the white gown with metallic inserts worn by my new style crush Issa Rae.

Which look caught your eye on the Black Panther red carpet?




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