Fun New Tech for Home and on the Go

Everyone enjoys using the latest and greatest new tech, so what’s better than getting the insight on what’s recently hit the market. There is something for each and every person on the list, from the music enthusiast to the movie buff. Take a gander at these new items, the latest from the app developers, and see what pieces need to be in your home this year.

The Subscription Box

It might not be the first thing you think about when considering tech, but there are a few to research. If you’re into a variety of things, a TekCrates subscription might be for you. ‘It’s a monthly service which packs in gadgets and other tech accessories for you to use. For anyone aged 6 to 14 in the family, a Bitsbox sub is suitable for both boys and girls as it teaches coding and how to build apps.

And since technology has had its hand in nearly all facets of life, many traditional smokers have transitioned over to vaping. A great way to try out multiple products without having to commit to larger quantities is by using a ZampleBox monthly subscription. You’ll get different sample size products to try to see what you really like.

She’s on the Phone

Nearly everyone, including grandma, has a fancy smartphone. As technology gets better, so do the devices. And with these high-end devices, you’ll need accessories to keep them charged and safe. A Belkin wireless charging station is a superb option for ensuring your phone is ready to go. If you need something extra while traveling, you can pick up a power bank, which can help you get an additional charge to your phone when an outlet is not available.

Then, while you strut around town or only your home, be sure to keep your pricey investment safe from accidental falls with an OtterBox case. It provides protection from shocks, drops, and hard bumps that could otherwise damage your smartphone. Having a fashionable and functional case is possible and something you can have as part of your ensemble.

Fitness Gadgets are a Thing

Whether you’re walking, jogging, or running, there is a wearable for you to track your fitness accomplishments and goals. Technology has made it possible for your watch to not only provide you with the time but also your step count, miles traveled, and sleeping habits. Some of the best health monitoring devices can be had for nearly every person of every budget.

Some Screen Time

The widespread phenomenon as of late is to watch entire seasons of shows within a week or few days, if not less. So how can one enjoy all that these fabulous new shows have to offer? With stunning new televisions and streaming tech to watch it all with. The standard nowadays should be at minimum a 4K resolution screen to watch live sporting events, shows, and movies. Brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG all provide magnificent options for viewing marathons. Then comes the streaming devices. The top contenders in the market are Roku, Apple TV, Google’s Chromecast, and Amazon’s Fire technology. Depending on your brand loyalty and or needs, there are many streaming device options available at different price points to suit every user.

Finally, Give Me Music or …

Hey, music is everywhere, and in one form or another, everyone enjoys listening to their favorite tunes. And with technology getting more mobile by the day, taking your music on the train, bus, plane, to the park or simply down the street is easier than ever before. You know, boomboxes were big and bulky, so travelling with them must have been difficult. But no more, as devices have gotten so small, they fit in the palm of your hand. Using top-notch headphones to wirelessly listen to your tunes from a paired MP3 player or smartphone.

Companies such as Audio-Technica, Plantronics, and Sony, to name a few all have units which are comfortable and capable of providing you with jaw-dropping audio quality. The choice is yours, go out and grab a new tech-inspired headphone set to bring your favorite tunes to the next level.

Whether your device is portable or stationary, there are apps and accessories for it. Which new accessory is your favourite?

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