Personalised Power Banks From USB Makers

One of the absolute necessities of modern life is the mobile phone. Our Android and i phones contain our whole life, from emails to photographs, to our social media apps, or Whats app and Snap chat, our calendars, our contacts, literally everything. But if the phone is one of our must haves, mobile phone batteries can be one of the most frustrating things around. The use of all those apps and constant social media is a drain on our battery life that can leave us panicking about only having a couple of percent battery life let. This is what makes advertising on a power bank such a brilliant idea. allow you to choose a power bank of your choice, and then add your business logo to it. They offer a range of different styles to meet all needs, and if you are a small business just looking for an initial run you can order as low a number as 10 devices.Designs can be either printed or engraved on your device, and the devices are made from recycled materials that come from a sustainable source.

USBMakers say of their power banks:-

We started our Logo Printed Power Bank service in early 2014 and it has been a massive hit and ever-growing since. We offer both printing and engraving on all of our power bank styles! If you were looking for something a little bit different for your marketing purposes, then a Power Bank might just be the way to go.

I was sent a range of power banks that I added my Fashion-Mommy logo to. They were delivered in super fast time (around 3 days) and looked great (I was able to check the mock up design before they were printed, so could iron out any issues at that time.) Each device comes with a small USB lead so the banks can be charged by laptop or through a phone charging plug at your mains. I like that they are easy to use on your phone and can hours to your battery life.

These power banks are a great way to promote your company or brand because they are something that everyone can and will use. They are practical and useful and small enough to carry in a bag or a pocket. I carry one in my bag and use it every single day.

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