Fun themed online slot games

When it comes to the world of online slot games, you will notice, if you have not done so already, that there is an amazing choice and a vast selection of online slots to play. Click here today if you want to view a huge collection of online slot games.

Long gone are the days when you could only play the fruit machine to be found in your local pub, club, chip shop or bar, and now you can play a slot game with almost any theme you could imagine. Ranging from the historical to the futuristic, the imaginative to unimaginable and the standard to the obscure, you could scroll for hours as you look for the perfect game for you.

To save you time and hopefully help you make some money online gambling, we have rounded up a few of the most fun themed online slot games for your convenience. On the list, we travel from ancient Egypt to mythical Ireland, stopping off at a few other destinations on the way.

Book of Dead

For whatever reason – assumably due to the sense of mystery and fantasy that surrounds the time period – Ancient Egypt seems to capture the imagination when it comes to being a theme for an online slot game, click to play it today.

Gold of Ra does the theme justice, bringing symbols, all of which are relative to Ancient Egypt’s famous tombs and pharaohs, to the reels of which there are 5. With 3 rows, there a few ways to win and some tasty bonuses, too.


Here comes a slot from another time period, as this high production value online video slot game uses Vikings as it’s theme. NetEnt’s popular title has that name exactly, Vikings, and has some of the best graphics you will in the online slot game realm.

Packed with action and some bonus rounds that relate to the theme in question, this is an example of just how far slots have come in recent years.

Rainbow Riches

Similarly to Ancient Egypt, for some reason, The Luck o’ the Irish provides an extremely popular theme for slot games, in regards to both players and developers.

So many Irish-themed slots exist, with leprechauns and pots of gold aplenty. However, without a doubt, no other game in this theme has had as much success as Rainbow Riches. A long running series, this was a classic in pubs and is now a classic online, coming in all sorts of offerings with differing bonus modes.

Zombie Rush Slot

An example of a more original slot game is Zombie Rush Slot.

Following the success of certain video games that included zombies, the undead made a comeback in popular culture and Leander Games took the theme and ran with it… far and fast. Again, superb graphics help make this title what it is, bringing alive a narrative that sees you meet a group of friends trying to survive this zombie attack.

Big wins and big thrills are on offer in yet another game that shows how far the humble fruit machine has come since those days down the boozer.